Monday, February 29, 2016

SNCF – RATP: black day for users March 9 – The Point

It will be patient, Wednesday, March 9, if you take public transportation, operated by RATP and SNCF.

For the first time since 2013, the unions of the RU call set to strike in defense of working conditions of “high level” and demand higher wages. It is also on this basis that the same day, the RATP will strike. “The glaring lack of responses to our requests and uncertainty that you weigh the fate of Railway force us to react,” write the four organizations representing the public group (CGT, Unsa, SUD, CFDT) in their joint notice sent Monday. This covers the period from Tuesday, March 8 at 19:00 on Thursday, 10 March at 8:00. In the meantime, organizations need to be again received.

The SNCF “regretted” the filing notice “may penalize travelers” while “on all items related to the work plan there are appointments discussion took, “said she argued. It is also March 9 retained by the youth organizations, the CGT and other opponents of the El Khomri bill calling for the street the outright withdrawal of the text, which will eventually be presented to the Council of Ministers March 24.

a first since 2013

the unions of the SNCF, deeply divided by the railway reform, no longer had joined forces at the national level since June 2013. This strike last unit was then observed by about 70% of train drivers and controllers, and four out of ten trains had rolled on average, according to SNCF. With one voice, the unions today denounced a “catastrophic” job management while trains are removed in many regions due to lack of staff in 2016, when the train is still 1 400 redundancies over departures the unrecovered pension. Apart from a general wage increase, they demand guarantees “high social status” for the railway in the future rules of common work to the railway sector, the socially most delicate part of the reform passed in 2014, currently under discussion with the government and the companies concerned.

the discussions, which concern both passenger transport and freight, must establish rules of work organization and counterparties to the high flexibility required of railwaymen. Their definition has a direct impact on the productivity of the SNCF as its private competitors. “You said to have intervened with the government on some points, but we are still far from the account,” say the unions, unhappy with the basis proposed by the Secretary of State for Transport, which gives up to 15 March to improve its draft “Decree base.”

black day at the RATP also

the railway unions denounce recent weeks the “inaction” of the transport Union public and rail (UTP, which includes the train and its private competitors), which still has not unveiled their proposals. With this notice, “is meant to send a warning shot to the government, UTP and SNCF,” said Agence France Presse Didier Aubert, head of the CFDT-Cheminots. “The outcome of these negotiations will impact the lives and work but also the quality and safety of rail transportation (…) the interest of the railway, as users freight and passenger, is that the negotiations result in social standards high level, “said the CGT in a file on the subject posted Monday.

for users of the RATP, March 9 also looks difficult since SUD (15.3 %) confirmed on Monday as he called the CGT (30.4%) as at the strike that day. March 9 was the date chosen for initially opening the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO), finally staggered two-day by the management of the authority. CGT-RATP application “300 euros for all” immediately and a rise of 3% of the point base for the calculation of wages, while South demands a 5% increase.


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