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VTC, taxi, Loti … the mediator makes its copy – Liberation

Laurent Grandguillaume has he found the martingale to resolve the crisis between VTC and taxis? The proposals Friday to both parties by the socialist deputy of the Oise give in any case clearly hired them and risk angering the VTC who worry a rendering access increasingly difficult in a profession that has exploded in recent years. Appointed in January by Prime Minister Manuel Valls to “reflect on the sector’s economic development,” the mediator put both on strengthening controls with an increased use of digital traceability and the creation of a guarantee fund for taxis to calm a profession whose turnover, he acknowledges in his text, lags “stall” since the end of 2015.

the more controlled VTC

His proposals include initially intensify controls already strengthened in recent weeks to ensure that the VTC respect the law well. “We must continue the controls, especially on stations and airports,” emphasized the deputy of the Côte-d’Or at a press conference. During recent field trips with the Boers, taxis police, parliamentary had the opportunity to observe breaches of the law by the VTC: it is forbidden to take customers on the fly – marauding is the privilege of taxis. – and they must be in possession of a voucher when they come to pick up customers in stations and airports

Laurent Grandguillaume said that training would be imparted to the Police in large cities. And to make the controls more effective, it proposes to conduct audits “from the data processed by these platforms [reservation as Uber, note] allowing data transmission in respect for customer privacy. “ means that VTC booking platforms will be shared with the Ministry of interior the history of the activities of their affiliated drivers. In the medium term, he wants the VTC and Loti (these are an important part of car fleets CTI applications must at least carry two people) are equipped with Safety “irremovable and inviolable”. A decision deemed “discriminatory” by representatives of the VTC but would have the advantage of facilitating the controls.

the more help taxis …

Her plan also includes a financial component support to cab drivers face a fall in the value of their license, because of competition from VTC. An urgent demand from taxi drivers who, for some, are deep in debt to acquire the resale market (they exceeded the EUR 200 000 until 2014) and no longer emit a sufficient turnover to power repay them. “I have proposed that there be a shared guarantee fund that allows to resume the licenses lose value by ensuring an acquisition value taking into account inflation, said Laurent Grandguillaume. This is not to say that tomorrow there will be taxis, the profession will grow, but on the basis of licenses that are non-transferable. “ Done therefore resale to ensure a retirement nest egg for taxis. The fund for cessation of activity will exchange their provision to a “retirement capital based on the acquisition value of their parking permit taking account of inflation” . Clearly, a redemption of the license by the State in order to phase out the system of transferable licenses.

… with a contribution from all customers

According to Laurent Grandguillaume, this could be funded by a “contribution based on the sector, in exchange for a guarantee for the consumer that all their needs will be covered in terms of mobility.” a very diplomatic language to mean that it is the customers who contribute through this retired taxis. A tax which would also be subject to customer VTC through a “contribution platforms” . The capital paid in taxi during his retirement driver would be calculated on the purchase value of the license. This suggests that employees of taxi companies that benefit from a free license issued after ten or fifteen years of activity and a long waiting list will not receive anything and will give up on the 160,000 euros which they are negotiating. A “solution must be found,” boot key mediator which advocates the creation of a common core of training for both professions to be launched at 1 st September 2016.

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