Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Anonymous hacker database of the Ministry of Defence – Le Figaro

The group disclosed the personal information of many employees of the Centre for Identification of Material of Defense.

blog claiming the hacker movement Anonymous announced Monday night hacking a subdomain of the Ministry of Defence. The victim of the attack is the Centre for Identification of Materials of Defence (CIMD) which deals, among others, classification of military equipment and its standardization. The stolen documents were then published on the data-sharing website. The Defense Ministry could not be reached Tuesday for comment on the report. CIMD site is indicated as maintenance since Monday night.

This leak, spotted by cybersecurity firm CybelAngel reveals the names, positions, passwords, phone numbers and e-mail providers of employees working for the Ministry of Defence. Some of the published information are from 2004, but other, more recent, in 2016. Although the leak is not pouring (the file contains 10,000 lines of text), the data is accurate and may harbor personal cyber attacks. Information regarding CIMD servers were also revealed, with internal IP addresses, usernames and passwords.

In their claims, pirates justify their action by protesting against the extension of the state of emergency and the export of arms by France, notably Saudi Arabia. Other users claiming Anonymous recently attacked the websites of the National Assmembée, Senate, job center and the Socialist Party to protest against the increase in unemployment and the state of emergency. The Anonymous collective, well known web, has the peculiarity of being totally open: anyone can claim it.

By coincidence, this piracy has happened just before the opening, on Wednesday in Paris, the trial of three members of Anonymous claimed. These were disclosed in January 2012 the personal data of 541 police members of the SGP-FO union. These young men in their twenties could face up to five years in prison.


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