Sunday, February 28, 2016

Agricultural Fair: the booth Charal ransacked by breeders – The Point

cattle farmers sprayed with a fire extinguisher and flour Charal the booth, mark the Bigard group a number of slaughter in France to denounce its pricing policy on Sunday in Agricultural Fair. “When Bigard takes 100 euros, there are 8 for the producer,” explained the public breeders in red tee-shirt marked “Our profession has a price,” while distributing fake 100 euro note.

“When you pay the meat between 17 and 20 euros a kilo, we know that we pay to 2.50 to 3 euros,” also commented Pierre Vaugarny megaphone, secretary general of the Federation Nationale bovine ( ETFs), which called for the event with the support of the FNSEA – represented by its Secretary General Dominique Barrau. Meanwhile, a group of breeders sprinkled behind the Charal stand with an extinguisher and scattered thirty kilos of flour.

The instruction was to avoid violence after the stormy reception monitors President Francois Hollande and the dismantling of the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture. Pierre Vaugarny, the objective of this brief demonstration was to draw public attention to the omnipotence of the Bigard group, which totals half of slaughter capacity in France and refuses any dialogue with the profession. “Even when the minister calls the M. Bigard refuses to come and explain,” said he said.

A stagnant during

The last summer, the group had refused to participate in the fixing of a minimum purchase price for meat producers at round tables organized in the department. The union leader also said visitors to the show the concept of “ore”, which consists of meat scraps mixed with fat and collagen used in particular for ready meals, which degrades the meat and, behind it, the animal has a concept purely commercial and industrial raw materials.

“Talking ore is symbolic of industrial drift that is behind, he insists. What the consumer buys meat, exactly? I dream you came to seek Charolais or Blonde d’Aquitaine. “Since last summer, cattle ranchers, faced with a sluggish course, demanding a revaluation of their products to balance their production costs and designate processors and supermarkets as the main cause of their slump. The Bigard group boasts an annual turnover of EUR 4.3 billion and employs 14 000 employees.


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