Sunday, February 21, 2016

The smartphone to replace the credit card at the ticket dispenser – Le Parisien

Among the heavyweights of the banking sector in the United States, Bank of America is “in the process of developing a new solution without a map for retailers,” based on proximity communication technology NFC says a spokesman for the group, Betty Riess.
deployment is expected from late February on some distributors of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Charlotte, New York and Boston, and “it will be followed by a wider launch in mid-year, “she explains.
Chase said it expected a similar deployment this year. Initially, “guests can request an access code via mobile Chase, and the type distributor for their transactions,” said Michael Fusco, a spokesman. “Subsequently, they can use their mobile electronic wallet to make transactions to the distributor.”
At Wells Fargo, also evokes a device where customers use their smartphone for an eight-digit code allowing withdrawal of tickets. The system will work initially with Android Pay “and we will continue to evaluate wallet (e) further,” says Kristopher Dahl, a spokesman.
– Reduce fraud –
Manufacturers distributors and financial software vendors are working extra hard to meet demand for new systems which, according to them, have several advantages.
“We believe that our model (using smartphones) reduces many vulnerabilities” assures Doug Brown, in charge of mobile technologies at FIS Global, a leading provider of software and technology for vending machines.
system without FIS credit card already operates in about 2,000 distributors operated by at least 28 banks the United States, “and we are looking to expand quickly,” he says. It should be operational over 80,000 machinery in North America in the next 18 months, and similar changes are expected in other countries. According to Doug Brown, the device reduces the risk of fraud, including the possible inclusion devices in a machine to clone bank cards that are inserted there. Some estimates $ 2 billion cost of these criminals cloning for the global banking sector
Another benefit cited by Doug Brown is the reduction of time spent at the feeder. Just 10 seconds when client authentication is done on the smartphone, against 30 to 40 seconds with the usual insertion of the card.
“This provides greater physical security, because they can make the transaction faster,” he argued.
– Distributor without a screen or keyboard –
US manufacturer Diebold machines tested for its part an automatic teller without screen or keyboard, which provides the liquid only by interacting with the smartphone
“it. we say is forget the card reader, forget the secret code, we have all these devices in our pockets, “said Dave Kuchenski, officer of Diebold in charge of new technologies.
the customer does has to confirm his identity, which can be done with the fingerprint reader of the phone, or possibly with an iris scan on the dispenser.
Some current Diebold machines can run on mobile applications but Dave Kuchenski says the new concept, tested among others with Citibank, could provide “a better experience to use.”
“If we use a mobile phone, we no longer need card, we no longer need a printed receipt, we dematerialize many devices, he says. Banks love it, because there are fewer components, so it reduces the total cost. “


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