Sunday, February 28, 2016

prolonged nuclear plants: environmentalists government humiliated – Le Figaro

THE SCAN POLICY – In announcing the extension of the lifespan of nuclear power plants for 10 years, Segolene Royal is accused of betraying the spirit of the Energy Transition Act (LTE)

This ad is not likely to help the ecologist galaxy to pick up his tracks. Invited this Sunday 12/13 France 3 on Sunday, the Minister of Ecology and Energy, Segolene Royal, has declared itself ready to give its “green light” to the extension of the lifespan of nuclear power plants French for ten years. The reactors would therefore their period of operation from 40 to 50 years. The minister said that the decision came “in the context of the decline in the share of nuclear power from 75 to 50% in electricity production to ramp up renewable”, a provision under the transitional law energy (LTE) adopted in August 2015.

This argument does not convince everyone among environmentalists, sustainably shared since the last realignment between the support for the government and a “left opposition” in line the executive. “I hear that Ségolène Royal puts to death the Energy Transition Act by extending nuclear power plants 10 years. Ecology, that’s it “, has outraged the temporary boss on Twitter Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV) David Cormand. According to the spokesman of the party Julien Bayou, Segolene Royal is “irresponsible.” “Extending nuclear power plants is running risks to the French. And delay the development of renewable energy. Economic realism is turn the expensive and dangerous nuclear page to initiate the development of renewable energy, “he judge on the social network.

” This announcement is obviously a blow for ecology, but also for the French population. It’s mostly a humiliation for environmentalists entered the government, and ad delivery to an individual promotion poaching related to their careers “, asserts in his by the deputy mayor of Bègles Christmas Mamère, joined by Scan. “It was an open secret, as the boss of EDF Jean-Bernard Levy had suggested it a few days ago. This shows how energy policies beyond the policy to be dictated by the pro-nuclear lobby. We are facing the political schizophrenia, “he continues. “The commitments of the President of the Republic will not tenable, it would actually close 25 reactors. The safety of French is at stake “

When asked by BFM Sunday, the deputy François de Rugy did not show reassured by this announcement.” What is certain is that it’s not going in the direction of LTE which was adopted last year and aims to rebalance the electricity production in France between renewable and nuclear in 2025 “. Yet close secretaries of State Jean-Vincent Place and Barbara Pompili, he develops his analysis for Scan “Royal said that this ad should be compatible with the energy transition law. So that means it will still close in parallel over old reactors. So better start now to close older plants as Fessenheim and Tricastin, Bugey, etc. As electricity consumption stagnates or regresses, to reduce the share of nuclear power from 75 to 50%, it is necessary to close a number of reactors rather than prolong them, which also is very expensive. No doubt that Ségolène Royal said this to show to EDF that all options are on the table. But economically and financially, there will be no miracles, “said co-chair of the Green Group in the Assembly.

” Royal said that this ad must be compatible with the LTE: then it means that it will close in parallel even old reactors “

close to the Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Cosse, the Vice President of the national Assembly Denis Baupin was less critical on Twitter: “the most limiting factor for the extension of nuclear reactors is that EDF has not the means.” Before scanning for Scan criticism of the Minister of Ecology. “ The usual protesters protesting … It should not stick to one title to press reports. Ségolène Royal has only specify the scope of the reduction in the share of nuclear in the planned LTE. To accompany a nuclear phase-out, it is necessary to extend the life of existing ones, allowing not to build new ones. Furthermore, the Minister has placed this extension under the supervision of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), to determine the amount of investment needed. Faced with the lack of resources, EDF should not restore older plants, “he says, before returning his colleagues EELV” review their records. ”


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