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Covenant of responsibility: Manuel Valls threat to “condition” aid to businesses – Le Point

Prime Minister Manuel Valls threatened on Monday for the first time to “condition” aid granted to companies under the responsibility pact, saying that the commitments of employers in employment were “not satisfactory” .

Since the launch in January 2014 pact, the five-year flagship device Hollande designed to encourage businesses to invest and hire, the employment balance is still not encrypted.

But the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri, noted after a meeting of the monitoring committee with the social partners chaired by Manuel Valls, that only 16 professional branches on the top 50 had to date signed an agreement in the framework of this agreement.

“We have stressed with the minister that it was not satisfactory, that the commitments were not respected,” said Mr. Valls .

“We have always said that we would respect the financial commitment” of 41 billion euros in total lower cost of labor in France, he said.

“But as it already was sometimes proposed, aid may be packed, they can be redirected to other businesses, that is what we will discuss,” added the Prime Minister.

“it is unacceptable that after so much time, there are only 16 branches (…) that have signed agreements,” said Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, on France 3. ” the responsibility of all partners, employers and trade unions, which in rare cases also block the negotiations, is to go after them, “he insisted.

At the meeting, the CFDT, signed the pact, called for “the path for 2017 to be reviewed for all branches that will not be involved.”

“The pact was not due, it is normal that there is a just reward, “said its leader, Laurent Berger, lamenting a” cynicism “

-. a ‘major mistake ‘, according Medef –

But the Medef warned from the outset that any aid package would be “a major mistake” and would call “ground everything that has been done for two years,” while companies are beginning to see “the first effects” of the pact.

“Behind it is known that there will be an impact on employment,” assured the deputy chairman of the employers’ organization, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux calling again that the job competitiveness tax Credit (CICE) “be made permanent and turned down social expenses”, as announced by François Hollande in January.

this swing should be “at the latest in 2018,” said Mr. Valls at the meeting, in his speech sent to AFP.

the head of the CGPME, François Asselin, has its share returned responsibility to the executive. “At the government to do its share of work, everything that was not done,” especially as regards “the reform of the labor market,” he told AFP.

Prime Minister has however denied any “threat”. “This is just to ensure that everyone takes responsibility”, mainly the employers, said Mr Valls who had already expressed his impatience with poor mobilization of businesses.

A new meeting evaluation will take place before the summer, he said.

the responsibility pact, which includes CICE, mixes declines in employer contributions and tax relief measures for businesses to enable companies to hire and invest.

designed to ramp up gradually, it must represent in 2017, at cruising speed, an annual cost of € 41 billion for the State.

According to Ms. El Khomri, of the 50 industries tracked by his ministry, three have agreed on the “net job creation”, others on maintaining employment, training or the recruitment of apprentices.

“It is necessary that all the major branches sign agreements and are in ability to implement assessment instruments made commitments,” she insisted, demanding an “improvement” monitoring

Pascal Pavageau, FO, making aid would be “the least thing” because “it is public money”. “No it ‘ is not normal to distribute 100 billion euros over four years without the ability to verify “its impact on employment.

the national Union of professions (UNAPL) calls for its in release “the CICE the transformation into a sustainable reduction of expenses”, which would “reduce the cost of labor which is today the main obstacle to job creation”.

the pact is a “failure,” said his side Oussedik Mohammed, CGT

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