Monday, February 15, 2016

responsibility pact: Valls puts pressure on the Medef – Le Figaro

The Prime Minister lamented the poor record of accountability pact and threatened to condition the aid granted to undertakings. What is drawing the ire of the Medef.

This is a clear warning. Manuel Valls ruled Monday that the implementation of the responsibility pact was “not satisfactory” and urged employers to “assume its responsibilities”, after a follow-up meeting with the social partners. Referring commitments “not respected” and a “not satisfactory assessment”, it considered it necessary “that everyone takes responsibility and gives way to social dialogue.”

“We will respect the commitment financial, but the aid can be packaged, reoriented, “further said Manuel Valls, but said it was not a” threat “. He said a new assessment of the effects of the agreement of 41 billion euros decrease in labor costs will take place “before the summer”.

Condition the aid granted to companies in the responsibility pact would be “a major mistake” responded Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, vice president of Medef, after the meeting. “It would be a major mistake, it would question the trust that begins to revive in business leaders,” he said. “Obviously, do not condition, and if it determines it will hand the floor all that has been done for two years,” he added.

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