Monday, February 15, 2016

Farmers angry block the city of Vannes – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The mobilization continues among farmers, while François Hollande promised a reduction in charges. the Ministers of Agriculture of the different countries meet today in Brussels to discuss the bailout of the industry.

At the call of the FDSEA Morbihan, farmers began blocking the city of Vannes on Monday morning, and plan to keep moving all day. The Prefect of Morbihan on Sunday banned the movement of agricultural vehicles in Vannes, and warned that the road traffic could be disrupted. At six o’clock, the farmers began to dump waste on the roads. Oyster farmers, artisans, merchants and taxis also expected to join the blockade, reports Ouest-France. Already in the night, it is in the Ain department that angry farmers blocked several logistics platforms.

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This Monday is the start of a crucial week for farmers. After lower expenses for the French agricultural sector, promised by the head of state François Hollande, and the expectations of future measures to be announced by the Prime Minister this Wednesday, February 17, farmers remain mobilized. While agriculture ministers of different countries meet today in Brussels to discuss the bailout of the sector, several actions are underway.

Stéphane Le Foll in Brussels

things will “move”, said last week the head of state, Francois Hollande, during his televised speech. But it is Stéphane Le Foll, confirmed at the reshuffle, bear the heavy task to voice the grievances of the French sector in the Council of Ministers. The Minister of Agriculture submitted on 4 February the European Commission, a series of proposals to help the dairy and pork sectors in difficulty. “The goal of France is to find allies in Europe to move the lines before the meeting,” then explained the government on its website.

Among the avenues explored, France asks Brussels to act on the Russian embargo involved in falling prices. Stéphane Le Foll should also address the issue of labeling of processed products, one of the main demands of farmers to ensure better traceability of products. But the minister warned, “to renegotiate a European directive, it takes a year, year and a half.”

Actions in Normandy provided

“The Prime Minister will announce by February 17, a further decline in social contribution”, also said the head of state when his televised speech. Xavier Beulin, president of the National Federation FNSEA first French farmers’ union, demand down 10% of the basis of agricultural contributions, the rate increasing from 45% of revenues for farmers to 35%. Farmers, strangled by too low prices, as demand rising of production redemption price and call on industry players to take responsibility. Retailers, manufacturers and farmers met Friday with the Ministers of Agriculture and Economy. On the agenda, the margin of the distributors: “It is not acceptable that trade negotiations in 2016 leading to price reductions for sectors in difficulty”, said Emmanuel Macron at the exit of the meeting. If the government wanted to ease the situation, farmers remain committed. A gathering of the Association of Independent Milk Producers (Apli) is provided in Normandy on 17 February.


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