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Weather : France is preparing for a wave of cold not seen since 2012 – The Parisian

Government, local authorities, associations, distributors of electricity… The Hexagon was preparing Monday to face, from Tuesday, a cold wave not seen since 2012.

Les days went by, and the cold intensifies. And the situation in Corsica, where the snow falls are set to resume on Monday evening and remain all day on Tuesday. A day that will be marked by a strong northeast wind, up to 90 to 110 km/h on the terrain and the ribs exposed, accompanied by giboulées locally heavy rain.

these will give rise to rainfall on the eastern part of the island of beauty, with snow to very low altitude, or even in a plain. Vigilance orange snow has been triggered for the island.

QUESTION OF the DAY. The cold snap expected this week worry you ?

the Four departments of the south-west are also in vigilance orange avalanche (Ariège, Haute Garonne, Hautes Pyrénées) and floods (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

A frosty air came from the north-east

Weather France

As a result of frosty air came from the north-east, favoured by a vast anticyclone, temperatures should start to dip on Tuesday, with frosts very pronounced Wednesday. The cold should be felt, particularly with a kiss on the cheek on Wednesday and Thursday, says Meteo-France.

The first regions affected will be Tuesday the north-east, with minima of -6°C in Strasbourg, -8 to Langres (Haute-Marne, of which the prefecture announced on Monday that the outbreak level 3 “extreme cold”).

In Paris, -3 to -4 degrees are announced on Tuesday, and Wednesday, -4 to -6 in the suburbs. During the day the thermometer will struggle to cross 1°C. With the wind, the feeling will be rather from -9 to -10 in the capital on Wednesday. On this day, it is expected -6 to Orleans, but also -9 in Tarbes or -4 to Biarritz (only 0 to 2 during the day). With the wind it will be a print from -14 to Orléans, Reims…

“It is a film of cold air that eventually settle,” says the forecaster Frederick Nathan, referring to a possible duration of six days. However, its “intensity is expected to be relatively moderate, compared to the cold wave of February 2012, he adds.

This previous episode had lasted for two weeks and beaten many records (-17°C in the South-West). Nothing like expected this time, even if the local records fall may be. According to Weather France, the temperatures are expected to rise by end of week, but nights still cold.

The tramontana and the mistral blow at speeds ranging from 80 to 100 km/h in the Languedoc-Roussillon in the Rhone valley. On the major part of the country, however, conditions will be calmer. In spite of a large sun, except on the tip of brittany, it will be very cold.

The heavy frosts are expected in the eastern half with temperatures between -5 and -10 degrees, -1 and -5 otherwise. During the day, it will be 3 to 7 degrees on the atlantic coast and the Languedoc-Roussillon, around 8 to 9 degrees on the Côte d’azur. Elsewhere from west to east, it will be between 0 and -3 degrees on the north-east and near the Alps, 1 to 3 in the west. The bise from the north-is sensitive, in particular in the north-east at the centre, will enhance significantly the impression of cold.

Strong mobilization for the homeless

in the Face of this cold wave, the associations are concerned about the conditions of the homeless. Some have hailed this Monday, the initiatives taken by the public authorities, such as the opening of gymnasiums or the strengthening of the maraudes, while pointing out the structural lack of places to stay in the long term.

The associations which come to the aid to the most deprived began in the beginning of the week to organize. “We have alerted all of the volunteers from France as early as Sunday to ask them to move closer to their departmental delegations,” explained Florent Vallée, head of operations and operational resources to the Red Cross. The organization planned to mobilize “at least a thousand volunteers every evening, for the beginning of this wave of cold. It can be brought also to open day care facilities, at the request of the authorities”.

“Pleased to see that it has a true mobilization”, Florent Gueguen, of the Fnars, federation of associations of solidarity, it was also the view that “these measures are necessary to protect the people of the great cold the next few days, but will not have effect to regulate the structural problem of accommodation”.

he said He is “dubious about the government’s commitment to ensure that everyone can have a place” , recalling the saturation of the device to stay in the big cities, especially Paris or Lyon. The number of HOMELESS people in France is estimated at 140 000.

Attention to electricity

Although the cold weather may lead to an increase in the consumption of electricity, “there are no cuts planned,” said the manager of the electricity transmission network, RTE. It has, however, communicated on ways to lower their consumption.

TEN anticipated peak demand of 100,000 megawatts (MW) on Wednesday and Thursday, close to the historical record of 2012, the manager of the network of transport (RTE) has revised downwards its expectations. The famous peak, reached when the French go home and push the heating, is now expected around 93 000 megawatts on Wednesday evening, and 96 200 MW on Thursday morning.

cold Waves : the number of weeks spent under the 0 degrees


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