Monday, January 16, 2017

The merger Essilor-Luxottica-are not concerned about the French opticians – Echoes

What will be the impact of the marriage of Essilor and Luxottica on the lucrative French market of the optic (6.5 billion euros of sales in 2015 according to GfK) ? For the time being, the industry wants to be serene. The two heavyweights are already ubiquitous in the Hexagon. Essilor holds alone the two-thirds of the market of optical glasses in France (a figure that the group does not confirm), but even he acknowledges that his weight, in a ” its historic birthplace, is higher than its overall market share rises to 41 % for glasses of medical prescription “. The point that Mark There, the CEO and founder of Meaningful, which regularly condemns the ” lock “ of the F rench market of the optics, was moved a few months ago, in an interview with EchosTV , that France is the only country that ” where a glass [Essilor] has such a market share “. About Luxottica, also number one in france, it is to be shared with one of his compatriots, Safilo, most of the market of frames (requested by ” Les Echos “, it has not provided precise figures).

” Many innovations “

the merger of The two groups will strengthen their dominant position, but should not exert pressure on prices. the ” For me, it is a purely financial market. Essilor and Luxottica are a holding company, which will not take place during the next four years at least, in the management of its subsidiaries, says Didier Papaz, the president of Optic 2000. in A group like mine will continue to negotiate direct agreements that glass with a subsidiary of Essilor and its agreements on the frames with the subsidiary Luxottica “.

The impact could be stronger, according to him, in some markets of the anglo-saxon countries, including the United States, where the French group has a ” large distribution network “. On the other hand, anticipates Didier Papaz, the two groups will work on ” the research and development, product quality, the increase in range… “.

A vision shared by Afflelou. The group welcomed Monday, and by the voice of one of its spokesmen, a merger that, at the global level, ” should encourage access to the glasses for the greatest number and support [the] growth [market] and will ” many innovations and new opportunities “ beneficial to the whole sector. Krys, he has not wanted to comment on the transaction.


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