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The Renault Clio remained the best-selling car in France in 2016 –

The Renault Clio remained the best-selling car in France in 2016 Image Credit : Credit Media : Christophe Bourroux Download

In 2016, the automotive market has recovered well, with an increase of more than 5%. It exceeds the bar of the 2 million new vehicles (not seen for five years). If you look closely at the top ten best-selling models, all of them are from French brands. In the head we find the indéboulonnable Clio, star concessions. For the seventh consecutive year, it ranks number 1.

The city in the diamond was sold to a little over 112,000 copies. good performance, it is even slightly better than the previous year. She beat by a short head its rival, the Peugeot 208, in front of another lioness, 308. In total, these three models weigh heavy. They represent not less than 14% of the market.

Then, the big success of the year it is still a small SUV, these cars are multipurpose like a 4×4. In order : the Renault Captur and the Peugeot 2008. We then find the Citroen C3 and C4 Picasso, and next to the Renault Megane and the renault Twingo. In other words, a box full for French cars. But not necessarily the “made in France” : only half of the models are assembled in france.

The Dacia Sandero cased

This is the case of the Dacia Sandero. Produced in Romania, she made a spectacular rise : it goes from the ninth to the sixth place. But if we exclude sales to rental companies and businesses, the cardboard is still more striking, as the Sandero has been the second vehicle is the most sold to private individuals in France. in A contrario, the Yaris deToyota is manufactured in France, near Valenciennes and won the fifteenth place.

The first foreign, it is the small Polo of Volkswagen, eleventh. To note the gadin expected Peugeot 3008 and Renault Scénic. However, it is a good sign, since the new generations of these two vehicles come on the market. Thus, the SUV of the Lion brand ranks already in the seven best-selling of recent weeks.

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