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The Galeries Lafayette department store, that is 7/7 days ! – The Parisian

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from today, the department store of the Haussmann boulevard will open every Sunday. The management is hopeful an increase of 5% to 10% of its revenue.

Ce Sunday will be a milestone in the history of the Galeries Lafayette department store. Now, the department store of the boulevard Haussmann (IX e) will open its doors every Sunday, under the agreement signed with the unions in June and its location in one of the 18 tourism zones international (ZTI) created by the act Macron.

For Victoria, a Spanish tour in the capital, the opening Sunday of the Parisian department store is an evolution that is expected by the tourists. “When I am abroad, I reserve the Sunday shopping. Unfortunately, many shops are still closed to Paris then to Madrid, the city where I live, the big stores and outlets located close to open one Sunday a month. “

Lorena, his daughter, who lives in Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis), look forward to the opening Sunday of the flagship Galleries Lafayette. “The Sundays before Christmas when the big stores have opened unusually, there was no crowd on the boulevard Haussmann. There was not the crowd on the shelves, and I made my purchases with pleasure. It is a good thing that the opening Sunday is widespread, ” said the young woman.

” everyone is a winner, the tourists, the local customers and employees, ” says a Parisian. The sellers are not all of this opinion. “The agreement that was signed with the unions applies only to the employees of the Galeries Lafayette department store. Sellers of outdoor brands – the majority – are not in the same boat. The counterparties are not necessarily the same, and the discussions are still underway in several businesses, ” explains a saleswoman. “If Sunday is paid double and is not accompanied by a compensatory rest, then I will not be part of the volunteers “, assures the thirty-year-old. This is not the case of this student management 25 years, hired part-time. “Working on Sunday is a godsend for me. The day is better paid and I have time in the week to do my studies. “

the direction of The Galeries Lafayette welcomes, also, the agreement concluded last June. “The opening of the Sunday it is strategic for us, says a spokesperson for the parisian department store. We hope an increase of 5% to 10% of our turnover. This day now represents 10 % of the total turnover of our store, Nice. “

Le ParisienChristine Henry @leparisien_75

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