Sunday, January 8, 2017

Paris : first Sunday open to the Galleries Lafayette, and the other is when ? – LCI

SHOPPING – After more than a year and a half of tense negotiations, the parisian department stores will be able to finally open all the Sundays of the year. LCI is the point on the openings.

Do your shopping on Sunday in the large department stores will become a reality in 2016. After more than a year and a half of negotiations, the major parisian department stores are going to open their signs on Sunday. An economic issue is very important for these stores, which welcome many foreign tourists who are fond of window-shopping on Sunday.

Galeries Lafayette opened their doors for the first time this Sunday, January 8. In the Right Market, an agreement with the trade unions was found at the end of November, allowing for the opening Sunday this year.

For Spring, with a name like that, it seemed obvious that it was necessary to stick to the season and the chance of the calendar sometimes does things well. The opening Sunday is expected to be effective … “around the spring”, according to the direction. Monday 2 January, the brand has finally got an agreement with the Unsa, the union that prevented the company to exceed the necessary threshold of 30% to put in place the openings on the Sunday.

The Spring was the last great parisian store to not be able to open on Sunday, a year and a half after the establishment of the act Macron. This text allows us to relax the rules regarding the Sunday work, particularly for stores located in tourist areas.

The openings for Sunday have helped to create jobs. At the BHV Marais, the management indicated to the AFP that 150 posts of CDI in the end of the week have been created thanks to the open Sunday. The Galeries Lafayette department store had, they, recruited 330 people in view of its opening. All in all, the department store expects to create 500 new positions through these Sundays now worked, without counting the indirect jobs (demonstrators marks).

For the BHV Marais (teaches belonging to the Galeries Lafayette Group), the opening of the store on Sunday is already effective since 3 July last year and according to management, the balance is extremely positive : an increase in turnover of 10% was observed. “Since September, the Sunday has become the second best sales day for the BHV Marais district, behind the Saturday”, says the Galeries Lafayette group. How to explain part of the increase ? The palatability of international tourists for the shopping of the Sunday. In fact, the Galleries as the Spring account for about 50% of their sales, with international tourists.

However, these are accustomed to do their shopping on Sunday in the other major european capitals. Finding the door closed in Paris that day, prompting some of them to continue their stay to London or Madrid that day. With the key, as much of the lost revenue for the major parisian department stores.

A shortfall estimated at 168 and 240 million euros for the Alliance of the Trade. The experiment carried out in the centre commercial Beaugrenelle, located not far from the Eiffel Tower, shows that a year after you’ve received the right to open on Sundays, the center has seen its tourist numbers grow by 28%.


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