Sunday, January 1, 2017

The automotive market in French has never been so well supported since 2011 – The Express

“Another one drives a Duster” [Still a Duster], said television advertising for Dacia. With a leap of registrations of 13.4%, the low-cost brand of Renault and SUV featured symbolize the resurgence of the automotive market in French in 2016.

8% of registrations, additional for Renault

Totalling 8% of registrations, compared to 2015, with 518 469 units sold, the Renault group is in fact the engine of this recovery. It has allowed the French market to exceed the symbolic threshold of two million vehicles registered, for the first time since 2011, according to figures from the Committee of French manufacturers of automobiles (CCFA).

PSA, French rival, Renault, has remained stable in the last year for deliveries of its passenger cars (0%) 558 976. The group of Sochaux is currently experiencing a low due to the renewal of featured products (Peugeot 3008 and 5008, Citroen C3) and a DS range at the end of a career.

PSA, however, remains the largest seller of automobiles in France, with 27.7% of registrations, followed by Renault to 25,73% of the market share for passenger cars. The two manufacturers are prophets in their countries, with almost 54% of the market.

BMW, Toyota, Fiat and Mercedes on the rise

But the foreign groups have also experienced an overall increase of 6.8% of their registrations. In detail, Volkswagen, whose image has been tarnished by the scandal of diesel engines-fixing, remains the first importer. It increased deliveries by 2.8%, but a decrease of the registrations of 0.7%. This is especially the other brands of the German group, especially Audi (+10,1%), which allowed him to grow in volume.

The German group, BMW (with Mini) comes in the fourth place, and displays a jump in shipments of 12.7% to 85 712 units, in front of the japanese Toyota, which has recorded an increase of 8.6% to 82 796.

In the sixth position, Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) has benefited in the last year of his 4×4 urban Jeep to increase its deliveries from 13.2% to 81 014.

On the other hand, the deliveries of Ford were down 1.9% to 79 173, and Nissan is also down (-3,8%) 72 367 units.

The luxury sedans are always customers. Daimler, which has seen deliveries of Mercedes jump of 12.1%, experienced an increase of 11.9%.


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