Saturday, January 7, 2017

Putin accused officially by the american intelligence to have influenced the last presidential – ASD – All About Algeria

the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was charged on Friday, January 6, by the direction of american intelligence (DNI), to have personally been the instigator of an “influence campaign” to promote Donald Trump during the last american election.

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In a report declassified, made public on its website, the national intelligence, u.s. says, ” the Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered an influence campaign in 2016 for the u.s. presidential election “. The report, signed jointly by the CIA, the FBI and the NSA, says that Vladimir Putin and the Russian government ” have sought to help the electoral chances of the president-elect Donald Trump in discrediting Hillary Clinton and the contrasting unfavorably to him.”

For the us intelligence services, the goals of Russia were ” undermining the public confidence in the democratic process us, denigrate the us secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and harming his électabilité and its potential mandate.” The directorate of intelligence also believes that ” Putin and the Russian government have developed a clear preference for the elected president Trump “.

The campaign of influence of Russia would have been following a ” strategy of communication of the Russian mixture of covert operations, of information – such as the cyber activity with efforts by the agencies of the Russian government, the state media, intermediaries, third parties and users of social networks-paid or ‘trolls’ “, also indicates the direction of u.s. intelligence.

The latter also stated that Russia, “like its soviet predecessor, has a history in which it has led campaigns to influence covert concentrated on the presidential elections who had used the officers’ information, agents and the press to denigrate candidates perceived as being hostile to the Kremlin “.

the direction of The american intelligence indicates to base its findings ” on a series of reports from multiple sources that are consistent with our understanding of the practices of russia.” The DNI does not, however, give details on the elements of the investigation that led to these conclusions, explaining that ” the publication of such information could reveal sources of sensitive and jeopardize the ability to collect foreign intelligence to be of high importance in the future “.


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