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“perhaps This is the reform the most important of the quinquennium”, according to François Holland : the government launched Thursday with much fanfare the personal account of activity (CPA), which is supposed to lay the first stone of a “social protection in the Twenty-first century”.

which Entered into force on 1 January, this new account has the role of linking social rights to the individual, not to his status, so that she could use throughout his professional life.

The CPA is the ability to make individuals the masters of their professional career, this is the basis of a reform for which the field of the possible is extremely important,” explained on RTL, the minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri. “This is a major project”, she insisted, just before its official launch at the museum of Science and Industry, Paris, the side of the First minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

It brings together two existing accounts – the personal account of training (CPF), which allows to accumulate up to 150 hours of training, and the personal account of prevention of the hardness (C3P), which allows employees working in trades distressing early retirement – and a new account of citizen engagement (CEC), which recognizes association leaders, volunteers, masters of learning, young people in civic service with hours of additional training.

The CPA also provides new rights to young dropouts, which will be credited the number of hours of training needed to acquire a first level of qualification, and employees who are not qualified, up to the maximum hours cumulative on the CPF is increased to 400 instead of 150.

The device will finally allow employees to view their pay slips if their employer opts for the cloud.

All employees, public officials, and job seekers can connect to it from Monday through a digital portal ( For public officials and employees of the consular chambers, the ordinances, giving them officially access to the CPA will be adopted on Wednesday, January 18, in the council of ministers, according to the ministry of Labour.

The CPA will be extended to the independent, from 2018.

- A device ‘irreversible’ -

“there will be new stages, still, for its financing, if necessary, integrate the time savings account, the savings pay”, anticipates François Hollande, who said on Tuesday during his vows to the social partners, that it was a “major reform”, “may-be even the most basic reform of the quinquennium”.

Other developments that are sometimes mentioned : the integration of rights to unemployment benefit, making the various rights of the CPA convertible between them.

But these enhancements will depend in part upon the social partners : the section 42 of the act work prompted them to begin, “before October 1, 2016″, “a consultation on the features that can be incorporated in the personal account activity”. It should eventually start “early February”, according to the ministry of Labour.

after several unions, the employers, hostile to the account painfulness, would drag the feet, in the hope that a new majority gives him satisfaction after the presidential and parliamentary elections in the spring.

If the philosophy of the CPA is consensus to the left, his current version is disappointing for some players. The CGT sees an “empty shell”, the candidate in the primary organized by the PS, Arnaud Montebourg, the judge “embryonic”, the collective precarious Generation evokes a “reform ” failed”.

For its part, the institut Montaigne, a famous liberal, believes that the device is “massively under-funded”.

Among the proponents of the CPA, the CFDT responded that this is only a “first step”. “But in the meantime, full Philippe Louis (CFTC) with the AFP, it is placed on the baptismal font and this suits us very well.”

“We assume perfectly the fact that it is a step, that the device will evolve and that the path will be long,” says one at Matignon. But we consider today that it is engaged in an irreversible manner.”

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