Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Contract 371 RER for Alstom : “The work to 10 000 people in France” – Le Parisien

The consortium Alstom-Bombardier has won, with no surprise, after the removal of his only rival CAF, the contract for the RER a new generation, the one of the most important in the history of the railway, with a first tranche of 1.55 billion euros, and up to $ 3.75 billion.

Syears surprise, the consortium Alstom-Bombardier has been awarded, on Wednesday, the mega-contract RSP new generation of 3.75 billion euros, or 371 trains, funded by the Syndicat des transports en Ile-de-France (Stif). The Region has announced a first tranche of 1.55 billion euros for the purchase of 71 trains of which the first must be delivered by 2021. For Benedict Stephan, the vice-president of Alstom France in charge of sales and marketing, this contract will give work to 10 000 people in France.

what is this contract for Alstom ?
Benedict Stephan. It is work for virtually all of our production sites. These 71 trains that have been ordered will provide the activity to approximately 200 people from our plant in le Creusot (Saône-et-Loire) that will manufacture the bogies, but also for 100 to 200 employees of our site in Tarbes (Haute-Pyrénées) for the elements of traction or even to a crowd of about fifty people of Ornans (Doubs) for the manufacture of the engines. Not to forget our assembly plant near Valenciennes (North). This beautiful contract will do the work of 10 000 people in France, including 2 000 from us and 8,000 of the rail sector .

All of these trains will be Made in France ?
Yes. We have a contract with the Stif (Syndicat des transports d’ile-de-France) to ensure that everything is completed to the extent possible in France. But there are parts, and in particular of electronic components, which are no longer being manufactured in the country, it will be necessary to make them come from abroad. It is about 80 % of the value of the train that will be produced or purchased in France.

Some ensure that a part of the engineering will be relocated in India…
This is not intended as that today .

If this mégacontrat plans to buy 371 oars, some unions fear that in the end, only a small part is ordered…
This is always the risk in our business. The decision will depend on the Stif. But we have good hopes that a great part of these trains is controlled. The needs of the Ile-de-France on the RER are important.

It took three calls and an audit to designate a winner at this mégacontrat. Alstom-Bombardier have been favored to the detriment of its competitors, Siemens and CAF ?
I can’t answer this question. On the other hand, I know that it has worked hard to show that we had the ability to produce and to present a excellent train. It is a mix between a subway, a TER and Intercité. Passenger comfort is greatly improved, with more doors to facilitate the descents and mounted, a foot that adapts to the height of the quays, lights, more enjoyable, or even electrical outlets. It is also very powerful economically. It has managed to lower its energy bill by 25% and maintenance costs by 20 %. This contract was extremely important to us. It’s not going to fill all the orders on all our factories, since our site in Belfort is not affected by this command. But it will still represent a quarter of our activity in France.

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