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Automotive market in 2016 : increase of 5.1% of the registrations – The argus

The CCFA (Committee of French car builders) had much to rejoice in its press release published this morning : the year 2017 starts on a high score. The great sales in December on the French market (+5.8 per cent) led to the year 2016 to view a record of registrations largely positive.

In effect, the bar of 2 million new passenger cars has been taken over the last 12 months, a first since 2011 and the time of the scrapping premium. In 2016, 2 015 186 copies exactly have passed on the French market, which represents an increase of 5.1% by report, 2015 (1 912 226 copies), corrected to 4.7% in the number of working days comparable.

In total, if one adds the 410 097 registrations of utility light (+8,1%), this gives a total of 2 425 283 sales, an increase of 5.6% compared to 2015.

Renault and Dacia at the rise

These good figures are presented, in particular, by the commercial success of the group Renault, which can lay claim to in 2016 an increase of sales of 8%. The Renault brand has seen a rebound of 6.6% and its subsidiary Dacia of 13.4%. The Clio remains the car most sold in France, while the Sandero appears in 6e position (see detailed figures below).

Dacia Sandero
The Sandero symbolizes the success of Dacia on the French market.

The side of PSA, it is more dull, with progress in business limited to 2.6% for Peugeot, and a 3.6% decline for Citroën and 7.2% for DS. In the end, these three brands combined have stagnated, with only… 261 cars sold more in 2016 than in 2015.

But the groups French arrogate to themselves all the same 53,52% of the market of the passenger cars with a total of 558 976 sales for PSA (27,74% of the market) and 518 462 sales for the Renault group (25,73% of the market).

It rolls to BMW, Audi and Mercedes

The 46,48% remaining are thus shared by the foreign manufacturers, led by the brands of the Volkswagen group : + 2.8% in 2016 relative to 2015, with 258 603 vehicles sold. But in the detail, the Volkswagen brand itself suffers (-0,7%), while its subsidiaries are at the party : +10.1% for Audi, +9.2% for Porsche, and +8.6% for Skoda. However, Seat is the gray mine (1.6 per cent) in the meantime, the first digits of the Ateca.

Behind the German giant, the other three groups are in good health : 85 712 copies sold for BMW, +12,7% (of which +13% for BMW and +11.8% for Mini) ; 82 796 copies sold for Toyota, up 8.6% (of which +8.3% for Toyota and +14.4% for Lexus) ; 81 014 copies sold for CFA, +13,2% (+14.9% for Fiat, +16.3% for Jeep and +15.4% to Alfa Romeo).

Audi A4
Audi is ahead of BMW and Mercedes on the French market.

It gets stuck then for Ford (79 173 copies sold, to-1.9%) and Nissan (69 072 copies sold, to -6,8%), while Opel (68 281 copies sold, +6.4%) and Mercedes (62 060 copies sold, up 12.1%) surf on the upward trend in the market.

The Clio unbeaten number 1

In the retail sales, the Renault Clio keeps its throne at the top of the ranking, with 112 152 copies registered, besting once again the Peugeot 208 (97 830 copies). The top 10 registrations 2016 is composed of French models, with the exception of the Dacia Sandero which is funded, as we have said above, in 6e position.

sales of new cars 2016
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Renault and Peugeot share thus the top 5 while the first Citroën, the C3 legacy, only appears in the 7e position. The new Citroën C3 figure it already in the 76e in the standings, with
7 047 sales.

sales of new cars 2016
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