Thursday, November 10, 2016

USA 2016-Obama receives Trump at the white House, the transition is organized – Boursorama


 by Steve Holland and Jeff Mason WASHINGTON, November 10 (Reuters) - in The aftermath of the shock wave caused by his success in the presidential election, Donald Trump will be received Thursday at the white House on invitation of Barack Obama, who has never hidden his differences with his successor, but instead wants to facilitate a smooth transition. The future 45th president of the United States and his democratic predecessor, who were both called to the unit at the end of a campaign of a rare brutality, speak at 11: 00 (16: 00 GMT) in the oval Office. The two men were, until now, had very little contact. Trump, for years, has questioned the american citizenship of Obama by accusing him of having lied about his place of birth, and has pledged to repeal a part of the legacy of his predecessor, starting with the Obamacare, the health insurance reform. For his part, Barack Obama has made a strong commitment during the campaign to the side of Hillary Clinton, saying several times    that Trump was "unfit" to assume the presidential office. "This is not a secret for anyone that the president-elect and I intend to quite big differences," he said Wednesday with a smile, but he added: "We all want to now that it is successful to lead the country to unity. I want to ensure that everything goes well because, in the end, we're all part of the same team." Obama added that he would work on the basis of the transition that it has experienced in 2008, with his predecessor, republican George W. Bush. "Eight years ago, president Bush and I had differences that are very strong, but president Bush's team could not have been more professional and courteous than it has been to ensure that we lead a smooth transition", he said. Parallel to their meeting, the "First Lady" Michelle Obama, who is also involved in the campaign, denouncing in particular his words "sexual predator", will receive Melania Trump. "THE PRESIDENT OF ALL AMERICANS," While thousands of Americans took to the    streets to protest against the victory of billionaire new york and his speech deemed racist and offensive , the main protagonists of the us political class hope to open a chapter more peaceful. Hillary Clinton has also asked the United States to rally behind their future 45th president. "Donald Trump will be our next president. We owe it to him to have an open mind and (let him) the chance to lead," she said. The unexpected success of the business man new yorkers over the age of 70 years, which will be invested on the 20 January, the first world power on a new and uncertain. "It is time for us to gather," he said at his HEADQUARTERS in new york late in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, after the announcement of his victory, promising to be "president of all Americans". FUTURE TEAM He then spent part of his day Wednesday to work on the composition of his future team, report sources. Among the names which are already to be found its most loyal supporters during the campaign. Jeff    Sessions, senator from Alabama, should get a job in the foreground, and maybe that of Defence secretary. Michael Flynn, general reserve, seems to hold the rope to become the national security adviser of the white House. The former director of the Agency of defence intelligence (Defence Intelligence Agency) has played a key role in the campaign of Donald Trump, providing inter alia advice on international affairs. "He has a calming influence on Trump," noted one of the sources. Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House of representatives, and senator of Tennessee Bob Corker, chairman of the foreign Affairs committee of the Senate, for their part, are expected to take over as head of the department of State, and lead the american diplomacy. The two men had a time were seen as possible candidates for the vice-presidency. Trump has finally chosen the governor of Indiana Mike Pence to form his "ticket". The same sources, it is reported that the chairman of the national Committee republi   can (RNC) Reince Priebus, who became an advisor listened to in the course of the campaign, is mentioned as a possible secretary general of the white House. The campaign director of Trump, Kellyanne Conway, could win it a position of a leading advisor to the white House while the neurosurgeon retired Ben Carson, who had brought his support to Trump after being removed from the race for the republican nomination, is being considered for the post of Education secretary. SEE ALSO THE POINT on the victory of Donald Trump { PORTRAIT Trump, the billionaire against the elites (Jean-Stéphane Brosse, Tangi Salaün, Benoît Van Overstraeten and Henri-Pierre André for French service) 

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