Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The SNCF will compensate any delay beyond 30 minutes – Franceinfo

It was decided to make this guarantee, the best guarantee of Europe“, summary, Tuesday, at the AFP Rachel Picard, managing director of Voyages SNCF, a branch of the public undertaking responsible in particular for the operation of TGV. From December, 1st, “the traveller will have the guarantee to be refunded when there is a delay beyond 30 minutes, and regardless of the reason for the delay“, she indicated.

Until now, the SNCF dédommageait passengers only if the delay was due, which excluded the vagaries of the external, such as weather events or malicious acts that are “one-third of delays,” according to the manager.

The SNCF “goes further than the european regulation,” which provides for compensation beyond a late hour and not 30 minutes, ” notes the director, who refused to disclose the cost of this new measure. According to calculations of the SNCF, this new bond, which represents a “advanced sensitive for travellers“, could serve “up to 50% of travellers more”.

The rule is also “more advantageous than competitors“, “simplest“, “faster” and “more flexible“, added Ms. Picard. The user will be able to make a claim online, click the link “guarantee punctuality” of the site STATION, upon the arrival of the train. It will get “a purchase in 48 hours” and will be able to use “all channels” and “several times if he wishes to“.

The amounts of compensation are also “more generous” than those imposed by the european regulation : 25% for a delay of 30 minutes to 2 hours, 50% between 2h and 3h, and 75% beyond. The european text, which entered into force in 2009, caps the compensation at 50% from 3 hour delay.

The european countries have had the possibility of extending the application of this text until 2024, in requesting an exemption of five years, renewable twice. France had requested a waiver until 2014. Since then, the SNCF, was “be exempt from repaying to the external causes“, “conducted discussions with the State and with Brussels on new rules and regulations put in place,” explained Ms. Picard.


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