Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Airbus : 1 164 posts deleted in Europe – The Point

The fear of the employees of Aribus was based : the management announced to its employees that it would remove 1 164 jobs in Europe. What’s more, the site of Suresnes, in the paris region, will be reduced by any research activity. This restructuring plan is accompanied by a creation of 230 jobs, have announced the trade unions, as confirmed by the management. She promises to do everything to avoid compulsory redundancies. The site of Suresnes, in the paris area, will be closed, according to the trade unions.

” The social impact of the plan, Gemini represents 1 164 positions, ” said Thierry Baril, director of human resources of the group. In addition to this figure, “a number of geographical transfers will be made, mainly to Toulouse,” he said in the $ 325. These transfers will be primarily sites of Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine, france) and Ottobrunn, near Munich, germany, to Toulouse. But “every effort will be made to find appropriate solutions, and based on volunteerism,” said Barrel. “If, in early 2018, we should see that these measures are not sufficient, we would be forced to consider measures of economic dismissals forced “, he recognized.

What about Suresnes ?

The restructuring plan is thus embedded in a context of heightened competition with the rival american Boeing and the arrival on the market of aircraft manufacturers chinese. Airbus puts into perspective the 1 164 positions are to be eliminated, with staff who reach 136 600 people in the world, and 54 000 in France. The negotiations on the social treatment must be held until the summer of next year, says Airbus, which says not to make provision for the creation of 230 jobs related to new skills. The deletion of the post, announced at a european group committee, at the headquarters of Airbus, in Blagnac, near Toulouse, france, include the “closure” of the site Suresnes, france, according to unions.

” The executive has confirmed the closing to mid-2018 Suresnes, 308 job cuts and 150 “mobilities” of Suresnes, france to Toulouse, ” said the press Yvonick Dréno, coordinator FO for Airbus Group (majority union). Suresnes, france, the research activity is removed and only a dozen jobs of public relations will be maintained, confirmed the direction, without, however, speak of the “closure” of the historical site. The deletions do not affect, however, that little the world headquarters in Toulouse, where they should be transferred to numerous positions.

Yvonick Dréno, FO, acknowledges that ” the management seemed to be very attentive to the social treatment “. “We hope once again and this time succeed in taking into account social benefits,” he added, in reference to the plans of deletes post that have until now all been implemented at Airbus without layoffs. But the unions remain vigilant, doubting the merits of the reorganization. “We suspect the direction of wanting to make economies,” stressed Dréno. “Finance has become increasingly important for Airbus. The company says that it wants to reduce the ” bureaucracy “, but these employees whose positions are eliminated are not part of this ” bureaucracy “, ” has-t-he stressed.

Movement magnitude

The unions rather see a “financial logic” in the plan, Gemini, emphasizing that the group is at the head of a record backlog of nearly 1 000 billion euros, which is 8 to 10 years of production. “We can understand that the group is reorganizing itself,” acknowledges Thierry Préfol, coordinator at Airbus Group for the CFE-CGC, the second union. “But the group has the financial means to avoid any compulsory redundancies “, he adds. Jean-Marie Peeters, a representative on the european committee of the CFTC (third union), denouncing a logic of ” wants to improve the stock “.

Referring to a ” movement scale “, the secretary of State for Industry, Christophe Sirugue, for its part, promised that he ” will accompany[t] to both the employees and the territories “. The plan Gemini is to merge at Toulouse, the seat of the branch of commercial aviation (Airbus SAS, 70 % of the activity) with the group (Airbus Group SAS), in order to create a new entity called simply ” Airbus “. In a press release, the CEO of the group, the German Tom Enders, commented on the need for ” lighter structures “, believing that ” the integration is eventually going to strengthen Airbus in order to ensure its future competitiveness “. On the 1 164 reductions post, 640 positions are located in France, in Suresnes, Toulouse and Marignane ; 429 in Germany, mainly in Hamburg, Bremen, Ulm and Ottobrunn ; 39 Spain ; 54 in the United Kingdom ; one in Belgium and one in India, according to the direction.


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