Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Donald Trump unveils the program of its first 100 days in the White House – The Obs

Little american flag on the lapel of the jacket, the future president of the United States Donald Trump explained in a short video posted on Twitter its six key actions for his first 100 days in power, all based on a “fundamental principle : America first”, pounding his slogan “Make America great again”. He wants to “reform” the political class, “rebuilding the middle class” and “make America better for all the world”.

1Denounce the commercial treaty trans-pacific (TPP)

on The first day of his presidency, Donald Trump will commence the withdrawal of the United States of the commercial treaty trans-pacific (TPP), signed in 2015 by the 12 countries of the Asia-Pacific region, but not China. To enter into force, this partnership supported by the incumbent president Barack Obama had yet to be approved by the u.s. Congress, dominated by republicans. Questioning concerned the countries of this region, high priority geo-strategic and economic democratic administration. Instead, Donald Trump wants to negotiate treaties “bilateral”, which according to him “will bring the jobs and industry on american soil”.

2to Cancel the restrictions on the energies

In the energy field, Donald Trump, who is now surrounded by responsible climatosceptiques, has indicated that it “would nullify the restrictions that the killer of jobs in the production of energy, including gas and oil shale and clean coal, “thereby creating several million jobs are well paid”.

3Fight against bureaucracy

Donald Trump has pledged to fight the bureaucracy, and the inflation normative removing two old regulations for every new regulation adopted.

4Protect America from attacks

To the national security, of which the principal adviser to Donald Trump will be the former general Michael Flynn, slayer of islamic extremism and forgiving with Russia, the elected president will ask the department of Defence and the chief of staff “, a comprehensive plan designed to protect the vital infrastructure of America to cyber-attacks, and all other forms of attacks.”

5Investigate abuse programs visas

immigration, and after having appointed a minister of Justice taking a hard line, senator Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump intends to “investigate the abuses of the programmes of visas” in order not to disqualify the “american worker”.

6implement a new ethics policy

The future president has also indicated that it wished to implement a new “ethical” policy, prohibiting any passage in the private sector for five years for any member of the executive.

no mention, however, his proposals controversial wall between Mexico and the United States, the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, the limitation of entry into the territory of muslims or cancellation of the health reform Obamacare.

face-to-face courses to form his cabinet

in addition, the future president, who has given only two interviews since his election on 8 November, has not yet filled all the positions of his administration. His choice seemed to be heading towards personalities more consensus for key functions such as diplomacy, defense and the economy, after a first round of appointments of advocates of a line very hard on security, islam and immigration.

The billionaire has made these in her luxurious Trump Tower in Manhattan a new round of intense meetings, reviewing the CVS of many candidates. Among those holding the rope was a leader highly respected by the american army, the retired general James Mattis, 66 years of age. “A possible minister of Defence,” tweeted Donald Trump Sunday. Charismatic, the man is known for his outspokenness and his distrust vis-à-vis the iranian regime. The general has sometimes sided, as in 2005, when it stated that it was “fun to get out of people.” The comments for which he apologized.

Two of the candidates have visited the billionaire : the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and former candidate for the 2012 presidential election, the republican moderate Mitt Romney, who had dealt with the billionaire “impostor” and”imposter” during the primary campaign. The appointments could, however, arrive only after the big family celebration of Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 24, which puts America almost at a halt until the end of the weekend.

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