Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday : the balances in the us impose a little at a France – Obs

Close eyes for 5 minutes. We are on the 25th of November in New York. The stores will soon open and barges hysterical preparing to rob the rays of their brands favorite on the lookout for balances unbeatable. It is “Black Friday” to States. A tradition consumerist, which has been proven to work. The day before, after the traditional parade organised by the department stores macy’s – the 90e this year, the families have pulled out of the oven the turkey and celebrated Thanksgiving. It was a day of celebration on this side of the Atlantic.

Let’s take back our minds. We are on the 25th of November in Paris, it’s grey, not very cold and a little bruineux. In the subway, for a week, Amazon has posted a mass of posters advertising the week’s “Black Friday” on the canvas. The stores will soon open, but most of the ile-de-france pass without seeing them. In France, it is time to go to the grind. The night before, until late in the evening, they entered the debate Fillon-Juppé and wonder if they will or not have to work 48 hours. Mass unemployment, Marine Le Pen, in ambush, difficult neighborhoods… the time is not really a joke.

$ 50 billion in a day !

Yet, this Friday, the French would have to heat their blue card. For the past two or three years, the holiday shopping post Thanksgiving is attempting a breakthrough in the Hexagon. Nothing to do with what is happening across the Atlantic, where the Americans have spent the last year nearly 50 billion dollars in a day. But a promising start : in 2015, according to a study by YouGov for the website Poulpeo, the French have spent almost 170 million euros for the Black Friday, the 296 million during the Cyber Weekend and 235 million euros during the Cyber Monday.

This year, they are a third party to declare to want to take advantage of this period to make good business and may devote a budget of 274 euros per person. Expected expenses on the canvas for 2016 : € 734 million over four days. A windfall that large retailers, in this period of lean cows and declining consumer confidence are not as likely to let it fly. All if there are updates, behemoths of the distribution, such as Fnac, Darty, or Zipporah, but also travel agencies, such as Havas or signs more confidential, as Muji. Even Damart offers this year its “Black Friday : 1 thermolactyl purchased = 1 thermolactyl limited series being offered.” Tempting ?

in The United States, the rush in the stores is explained by the assurance of good business and promotions -80% are not uncommon. What is it in France ?

“I can not stop to receive offers in my email inbox the past few days. It is a lot more than last year. But I see the -20%. This is not really the super phenomenon that we see in the United States, where it is folly,” says a little disappointed, Inel, a young mother addicted to shopping in any of its forms.

Marie-Hélène, it is downright circumspect : “The Black Friday ? Black, as a black ?” asks she, wondering what it is. For this fiftieth anniversary totally averse to e-commerce, the balances, it is after Christmas.


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