Thursday, November 24, 2016

The low-cost airline Norwegian is packed in France – Obs

you thought You were going to the French west Indies this winter, but you not have booked ? So hurry to check availability, because in a few years, the tourism economy has been radically changed in Guadeloupe, Martinique and company. These islands, which were struggling to do the full with the-metropolitan – offers discount prices of Saint-Domingue to the victim – have found a new impetus with the United States.

Since the Norwegian, the low-cost airline Norwegian, the link to all the major cities of the american east coast (Boston, New York, Washington, Fort Lauderdale), such as by a miracle, everything has changed : “We do not find a hotel room free in the west Indies, it will be through AirBnb for the accommodation”, said Bjorn Kos, the CEO of Norwegian.

the effect produced by The low cost airlines Ryan Air or Easy jet on the small towns of continental France, that they were related to Great Britain or Germany, so it occurs also on the more distant destinations. And this is perhaps just the beginning. The offensive of the Norwegian, the low cost flights long-haul from Paris and soon province, is only just beginning.

Recruitment and new routes

Bjorn Kos has promised the opening this winter of a “basic drivers” based in Paris that promises recruitments important. Just to ensure its current program of long-haul flights departing from Paris, it takes him sixty drivers. And if he was awarded traffic rights to Asia or Africa, the requirements will be numbered in the hundreds of drivers ! Le CEO of Norwegian has also promised the launch of new routes at knock-down prices… provided that the French government gives the permissions of flights that it requires.

The first French to Norwegian are so successful, whether in the Antilles or in the metropolis. Of course, the company was already active since several years on serving low-cost airlines to Scandinavia, from Nice (his point, a French fort, with 530 000 counterfeit customers in the last year ) or Paris (where she has sold 400.000 tickets). But the big bet of the year was the service since July, the United States, with rates discount : from 159 euros one-way, for New York or Florida, or € 179 for Los Angeles.

at this rate, no baggage, no meals, no seat has been determined in advance – it is necessary to pay more – but the free wifi on board for fun, and a fill rate of 93%. For more than half, are Americans who are buying these tickets : “Our tariffs have a large success in the United States. Americans who had never crossed the Atlantic and discovered Paris and London, through our prices,” says Bjorn Kos. The company will therefore switch to the daily flight to New York and launch one for the end of July to Orlando in Florida, the capital of amusement parks.

recipes of low-cost medium-haul

Norwegian applies to long-haul the recipes that have made the success of the low cost medium haul in Europe : it connects a city wide or medium to a large city to be attractive, without concern, such as Air France to organise links with other cities in order to supply its large aircraft. Within two years, when it will receive its new Airbus, it intends to develop direct connections between provincial cities and the United States. The first line will certainly be a Bordeaux-New York.

of Course, these tight prices have also a counter-coup social : if drivers are paid at the tariff “international”, everything is done to reduce the expenses of cabin crew, hostesses and stewards. The company has even tried to reduce this position to “relocate” its aircraft. Objective : to employ employees under contract in lower-wage countries, in the way of contracts offered by the cruise lines, registered in the country complacent.

These practices are for the moment limited through the mobilization of trade unions, and large companies who point out the unfair competition, but they will develop automatically when the Norwegian will to win clearances, he or she claims to Asia or Africa. The company, which already has 116 aircraft, will receive 250 new in the years to come. The threat of commercial and social is thus only just beginning.


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