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Diesel : Brussels is going to cause the States, the Royal in the viewfinder – The Obs

Scandal diesel, new episode : and if the government ran them also to condemn them for failing ? Since the EPA, the environment agency and us, revealed in September 2015 Volkswagen used software fraudsters to hide the actual emissions of its engines, the blast continues to shake the automotive industry, and the States were left to act in their industry without ever the control.

The next episode of this saga terrible will come out in December, and it may make the ugly : the mep of the Greens Karima Delli, member of the transport Committee at the european Parliament in Strasbourg, has announced Friday the 25th in the morning that the Commission would take action against the governments

Elzbieta Ewa Bienkowska, the commissioner of the Polish in charge of the internal Market, consider trigger December 8, a procedure for suits against the States who have not played their role to their manufacturers. This laissez-faire approach has consequences for the health of all Europeans, poisoned by the oxides of nitrogen (gas NOx) or by the microparticles emitted by the cars (gasoline and diesel engines, or braking). For France, Lorelei Limousin, an expert on green, a member of the RAC, climate action network, forward the figure of 7,500 premature deaths per year because of this pollution above the standards.

“Who is responsible ?”

The fines will then be possible, but this will not solve all the problems caused by this Dieselgate, ” says the mp :

“The key issue, it is the one of the control faulty, so this is a political question. Within the european Commission, the Management Environment had been alerted for years the Management Industry on the differences of emissions from cars without that it will not move. Who was responsible for the poor control ?

When looking for the responsibility of actors, the Commission returns to the States, who have not played their role according to it, because they are in charge of the registration of the vehicle, but the States to return the ball to the Commission because its legislation laying down the registrations were too blurry. The Commission defends itself by saying that these are the States that have not ever wanted to rewrite these texts.”

Karima Delli is campaigning now for the creation of a european agency, independent, who would be in charge of controlling all of these processes, on the model of the american agency that has discovered the fraud at the diesel, thanks to whistleblowers.

Royal-t-it covered Renault ?

In this context, what has been the responsibility of the French government ? Ségolène Royal, minister of the Environment and Transport, explained Thursday the French position before the commission of inquiry of members of the european parliament. It should also ensure a hearing of two hours, but as it came largely in late, it was only one hour. Was it a late voluntary to cut short the embarrassing questions? It had all the appearances.

The French minister household, the goat and the cabbage on this since a year. On one hand, it has created in France an independent commission to shed light on the actual emissions of the diesel, another she has published the findings of this report in full, perhaps so as not to interfere Renault, the models of which have skyrocketed of pollution. This does not prevent the justice to investigate from now on the engines of Renault and Volkswagen to detect a fraud voluntary.

It is necessary to know why France has not yet organized the recall of vehicles in which the Royal commission has proved that they exceeded the standards : some emit up to 11 times more NOx, or 40 times more carbon dioxide than expected… These cars are still licensed as such ! .. “On the defensive, it was recognized that all the world has closed her eyes and she told us that'it is not necessary to push one manufacturer over another, especially in France’. I told him that I was a elected as a european, concerned about the health of European citizens.”

France has also played a double game on one other point : the ministry of the Environment has voted in Brussels on 28 October 2015, so a month after the beginning of the scandal Volkswagen, a regulation that allows manufacturers to pollute more than allowed by new emission standards NOx : they will be able to exceed 110% up to 2020, and 50% thereafter. Why France she let it be, then, that the technology already allows for a strict adherence to the standards ? “The defence of the minister ? These are services that have allowed it to do, without her being aware of it,” said Karima Delli. Which is of course hardly credible.

During this time, the Royal commission continues its (good) background work : its meetings are now idle, but the results are new, in-depth on seven cars, two of which Renault is very polluting (Captur and Clio), or the Fiat 500, another car ultra-polluting, are expected in December.

will there then sanctions or governments will they continue to prefer the economic health of manufacturers to that of the citizens ?

Claude Soula


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