Sunday, November 20, 2016

Increase tolls on motorways in order – Le Figaro

The toll highways will increase by 0.76% on average in February 2017 in spite of zero inflation.

The prices of motorway tolls will increase again in the month of February next. The increase is expected to reach a thickness of 0.76% on average according to the Sunday Newspaper. According to the JDD, the users Committee, which brings together users ‘ associations, elected officials, members of the administration – will take note next Friday higher tolls. It takes into account the increase of inflation (zero at present), the increase of the concession fee – paid by the concessionaires to the State, to which shall be added the amount of work carried out at the request of the State, but not enrolled in the contract of dealers.

The increases will be significantly different according to the networks: the higher, the +1,197% is that of the motorways of the south of France managed by Vinci. Then come the price increases of the network APRR, managed by Eiffage and Macquarie: + 0,896% on the axis Rhine-Rhone and + 0,926% on the Rhone-Alpes.

in addition, rates will increase by 0,572% on the network Cofiroute (Vinci) in the centre west of France, 0,592% on the Escota network (Vinci) in the South-East and 0,582% on the highway companies Sanef and SAPN (group Abertis ), located in the North-West.

The “thaw” rates

The “price freeze”, advocated two years ago by Ségolène Royal in the war against the all-too juicy profits of motorway companies, is far from it. The minister of ecology, who had obtained a status quo on rates in 2015, had then denounced at the end of this year-an increase of almost 1% while the inflation was nearly zero… It has even reached 1.12% in 2016.

The rate of 0.76% in 2017 – election force – is relatively moderate compared to the rate increase that could take place from 2018. To this date he will in effect finance the stimulus package freeway one billion euros. In the program, the construction of interchanges, areas of carpooling, écoponts, noise walls. A further increase in rates to the exits by 0.3% and 0.4% will therefore be applied as early as 2018.

Finance the stimulus package freeway

The government has preferred to finance this plan by the community and by the users, through tolls, rather than to extend the duration of contracts of concessions of the motorway companies. The previous recovery plan motorway (21 yards for 3.3 billion euros), currently in progress, has pushed back two and a half years on average to the expiration date of the concessions.


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