Tuesday, November 29, 2016

François Fillon revamps the party – The Figaro

VIDEO – The candidate of the right, unveiled Tuesday the chart of LR. Bernard Accoyer is the number two.

The 238, rue de Vaugirard, at the headquarters of the Republicans, in appearance nothing has changed. The photos of the former party president, Nicolas Sarkozy, are still hanging on the wall. The office of the interim president Laurent Wauquiez has remained in the same state: some family photos, photos with Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon, Alain Juppé… And to prevent falls, a bicycle helmet ; always useful, in this period of reorganization of the party.

The day after his landslide victory in the primary, Fillon wanted to impose his authority and make its mark on the new organization chart of the Republicans, as permitted by the statutes. After twenty-four hours of consultations, the ex-prime minister has decided to abolish the position of president of LR… The direction to which it is entitled.

total Loyalty

so far, François Fillon guard Laurent Wauquiez by appointing him as first vice-president. But it regulates the many fillonistes. As Isabelle The Callenec named second vice president. Those who had not yet understood will be for their expenses. The boss, this is Fillon. And this is what it reiterates through the new organization of the party.

on Tuesday, when the political bureau, Wauquiez has had this sentence: “The culture of the right, that is when there is a leader: it is the following. You have no doubt to have on the total loyalty to the party.” And the new first vice president, to find “normal” that Fillon “walk of personalities who have made the campaign with him. “The organization that you propose allows the gathering and the continuity and entrusted me with the responsibility of vice-president. Thus reorganised, you have a family together and effective. You can count on a party that is again in running order.” So it seems that Laurent Wauquiez is satisfied with the reorganization.

“The culture of the right, that is when there is a leader : it is the following. You have no doubt to have on the total loyalty to the party.”

If François Fillon has tried, he has not forgotten to place his relatives to key positions. It has appointed a support history the post of secretary general, responsible for executing the decisions of the political bureau and the political committee: Bernard Accoyer, former president of the national Assembly. He replaces Eric Woerth, who is expected to take on new responsibilities in the presidential campaign, on the program. Accoyer will be assisted by two deputies: the sarkozyste Gérald Darmanin and the filloniste Annie Genevard. The post of director-general of the Republicans is tantamount to the very faithful Patrick Stefanini, the linchpin of the campaign of François Fillon to the primary. Between Gérard Larcher (and his right arm Patrick Dray), Bruno Retailleau, Bernard Accoyer, Patrick Stefanini, French prime minister François Fillon is therefore surrounded by a close-knit team, who has the habit of working together and with him.

The strong man of the right creates a policy committee composed of many personalities, driven by Gérard Larcher – a support of the first time – and will meet every fifteen days. It will be attended in particular by Bruno Retailleau, support of the ex-prime minister during the campaign and chairman of the LR group in the Senate, and Christian Jacob, chairman of the LR group in the national Assembly.

The return of Jean-François Copé

The chart is certainly marked with the seal of the gathering. Thus, Jean-François Copé, that nobody thought to see enter into this committee after the war that had opposed François Fillon in 2012, makes its grand return in the governing bodies of the party. The winner of the primary is reaching out to other losers of the election. In addition to Jean-François Copé, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and Jean-Frédéric Poisson, ex-candidates in the primary, to incorporate the policy committee. “NKM has always said that she would accept behind the winner, it is what she does with loyalty,” says a member of his entourage. Virginie Calmels, support of Alain Juppé during the primary, and François Baroin, the team of Nicolas Sarkozy during the campaign, will have their place in the rue de Vaugirard. Thierry Solère, the long-time support of Bruno Le Maire, but also the architect of the primary organization, is also rewarded.

Finally Fillon has also changed the composition of the national commission of the investiture controversy (CNI), a highly political, while nearly 80 constituencies remain to be filled in the context of the legislative elections. The sarkozyste Christian Estrosi, is replaced by the filloniste Jean-François Lamour, assisted by two deputies, the sarkozystes Roger Karoutchi and Olivier Marleix, an expert on the electoral map. After the fillonistes, supporters of Nicolas Sarkozy are certainly better rewarded.

As for the other posts, they do not change, said Fillon at the political bureau. The treasurer Daniel Fasquelle, or the spokesman, Guillaume Peltier, are maintained in their functions.

The party is now revamped. Fillon will continue its consultations, before the presentation of the flowchart of the campaign, next week. It will also address the issue of the legislative elections. This Wednesday, it must meet the president of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde.


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