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The “Black Friday” just to conquer the French market –

Kick-off of the “Black Friday – John Ehlke/AP/SIPA

power CONSUMPTION The “Black Friday, which this year falls on this Friday, 25 November, traditionally marks the start of the race the shopping for the holidays year-end in the United States…

you will have seen, by opening your email inbox this morning : today is the “Black Friday” (” black Friday “), and the brands we fill in promotional offers enticing without understanding the why and how. And for good reason : this day of super promo is still a commercial practice imported recently from France.

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Only 18 % of the French are safe to participate

Traditionally, the “Black Friday” is a day of balances in the United States, organized by traders in the aftermath of the Thanksgiving feast that marks the kick off of the race of shopping for the holidays year-end. But this tidal wave is still far from widespread in France.

According to a poll by Toluna for LSA, only 18,2 % (+3 points compared to last year) 1.506 respondents in France think, some, buy, when this business transaction. The 34.1% are still undecided, waiting to see the bids to decide.

another study by the Centre for Retail Research for the site Poulpeo indicates that a French consumer on three will respond to this, and nearly 735 million euros could be spent at this time.

This is more than last year (632 million euros), but still little compared to the 5.5 billion euros of planned spending by the Europeans. A study of Webloyalty anticipates that the British should so they only spend usd 1.69 billion.

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Ignorance and confusion

In addition, this traditionà which the ensigns of French are converted there are two-three years, remains still unknown in france. According to Toluna, 57.1% of the French have heard about it. It is much less than the other major commercial animation of November, the beaujolais nouveau (81,3 % brand awareness). Another survey conducted by the website Brandalley shows that 45% of French do not even know what the term ” Black Friday “.

The reasons come at once to the fact that the operation is quite recent in France, but perhaps also because in the last year, it had been rebranded under various names, several distributors, stating that the term “Black Friday” inappropriate after the attacks on Friday 13 November in Paris.

This year, some of which are income to the appellation of origin, but not all. Auchan will do a “crazy weekend” Crossroads “of the day discount” and The Redoubt ” a Great weekend “.

This multiplicity of names, with of terms and of different lengths according to the signs, “further limits the popularity of the event,” said Philippe Guilbert, ceo of Toluna.

indeed, while the United States the promotions are held traditionally on the Friday and the Monday after Thanksgiving, in France, the promotions spread out, quite often, beyond, on four different days (Fnac), a week (Amazon) or 15 days (eBay), adding to the confusion.

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