Sunday, November 20, 2016

Highways : average increase of 0.76 % in 2017 – The Echoes

Announced in September in outline by the secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidalies, the new plan of motorways of the government will result in an average increase of 0.76% of the tolls in 2017, higher than inflation, shown in the ” JDD “.

The increase will occur as of 1st February, and will be modulated according to the networks. The autoroutes du sud de la France (ASF), managed by Vinci, show the greatest increase (+1,2 %), while those of Cofiroute, in the centre-west of the country (they also operated by Vinci) will settle to a more modest +0,57 %, followed by the network of motorways Sanef and SAPN (group Abertis) in the North-West, (+ 0,58 %) and Escota (Vinci) in the South-East (+0,59 %). On the axis Rhin-Rhône network APRR (Eiffage and Macquarie) the total increase of 0.89 %, while on the Rhone-Alps, it reaches 0,96 %. For 2018 and 2019, increases are expected to be lower, ranging between 0.3 % and 0.4% per year.

The amounts so collected should be used to finance the improvement of the network to the tune of 1 billion euros. The motorway companies had initially presented a program much more ambitious, requiring some 10 billion euros of investment with the risk to lead to price increases well in excess of, and in return the wrath of motorists and of the local elected, called, also, to put your hand in your wallet.

No lengthening of the duration of the concessions

choice have, therefore, been operated by the government, which has decided to only engage those who were ” advanced level of studies or statements of public utility “, had explained Alain Vidalies, in which the plan was approved by the president François Hollande in person. The government also argues that the billion engaged in the improvement of the motorway network will result in the creation of 5,000 jobs. It also commits to ensure that the increases will be controlled by an independent authority, the Arafer (Authority of regulation of activities road and rail). It is also stipulated that the private operators will not be new to increase the duration of the concessions.

The call to user input occurs after the freezing of tariffs motorway in 2015 and an arm of iron between the State and the private vendors, which has resulted in the principle of a catch-up tariff scheduled until 2023.

Valérie Leboucq, Les Echos


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