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Black Friday in the United States but also in France – Ouest-France

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The discount of the “black Friday” kick off Christmas shopping in the United States. The tradition arrived in France via the Internet.

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in The United States, the Black Friday, which takes place the day after the feast of Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday of November), causing every year the hysteria. Lured by the prices smashed, the Americans are rushing in stores or on the Internet. A tradition consumerist who tries to make his hole in France. But, in the past year, the terrorist attacks in Paris have overshadowed the event : how to promote a “black Friday” a few weeks after Friday the 13th of November ?

This year is different. One month battery before Christmas, the Black Friday falls to pic to buy gifts without breaking the bank.

big brands French have understood this and are a little more each year many to copy their cousins in the us. Leaves to spread on the day of account balances over an entire week. Auchan, Carrefour, Monoprix, Fnac, Micromania, toys’r’us… the list is long ! But it is especially on the Internet that the Black Friday weaves its web in France.

Amazon France talks of the largest promotional event ever organized . In total, approximately 735 million euros could be spent.

From where comes the term ? This event was fabricated to energize an off-peak period on the business plan. Purchases of mass on the day after Thanksgiving allowed the traders to put the finances in the positive. They met when their account book in ink “black” and no more ink is ” red “.

others say that this name would have been used by the Philadelphia police in reference to the streets crowded and the traffic jams monsters that this day causes.



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