Monday, November 21, 2016

Burger King : the brand aims 600 restaurant in the country by 2020 – The pharma letter

L‘sign Burger King France, mainly held by the group Olivier Bertrand (“The Procope” in Paris), wants to have 600 restaurants by 2020, mainly through the conversion of points of sale Quick, redeemed by the company in 2015. Burger King France, which account for 84 restaurants in france, has acquired the brand Quick and its 400 restaurants in December 2015. The conversion of the establishments in Burger King began in September and is scheduled to continue until 2020.

Transform each restaurant Quick in Burger King costs around 1.4 million euros : “This conversion is complicated for some franchisees, but the sharing of the fee is half-half,” says Jerome Tafani, vice-president and general manager of Burger King France. In 2016, 35 to 40 restaurants must be converted, before the sign goes in the second, with 75 to 90 new conversions scheduled for 2017.

20 000 jobs created by the end of 2020

“On the 400 institutions Quick redeemed, we will convert between 320 and 340. The rest are a score of restaurants in the two chains that are in close geographic proximity to each other,” says the officer.
“there is also a fifty Quick halal, which will remain as they are currently, we will not separate abruptly, but there will be no Burger King halal,” says Jerome Tafani. “No decision” has been taken to these restaurants, has added the director-general, went through various positions at Mc Donald’s France.

The chain intends to “also open in parallel of new Burger King restaurants,” says Jerome Tafani, which aims to “600 restaurants in France and a turnover of 2 billion euros at the end of 2020″. In detail, it represents to 2020 “is the creation of 20 000 jobs. Starting in 2016, we have 4 500 jobs created and 6 200 2017″, he continues. For the future of the institutions signed Quick in the Dom-Tom and North Africa, the group is “in the midst of strategic thinking, negotiations are ongoing,” he said.

To compete with Mc Donald’s

As to the question of menus, Jerome Tafani points out that Burger King was started in France, “with a map expanded on the premium range” and “will continue to maintain this strong presence, while enhancing our image on the burger,” he said. In the longer term, that it is “the food truck, the bars Whopper comparable to those in the United States (..) anything is possible but on the French market, the group is a pre-teen compared to other brands”, he added.


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