Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cdiscount launches the mobile was missing at Free – The Express

A package of 2 € per month with no commitment. This is the main argument of the first mobile offering of the cybertrader French Cdiscount. The subsidiary of the pole e-commerce the Casino group, which blows this year its 18 candles, walking now clearly on the flat-bands of Free Mobile and its package at the same price (free for Freebox subscribers), at least on its basic offer. Because of the cost options reasoned, you can build a package corresponding to a very large profile of subscribers and which has no equivalent on the market.

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The basic package Cdiscount mobile detail

Concretely, the mobile base of Cdiscount, already open for subscription on the website of the e-merchant, an offer for 2 € per month 3h 20min of calls (metropolitan France), 200 SMS and MMS and 200 Mb of mobile Internet in 4G.

In the case of exceedance, €0.30/min is levied for calls,€ 0.10 per SMS and 0,30€ per MMS. Particularity, “an alert over SMS is automatically sent when the subscriber reaches 80% of its consumption,” explains Emmanuel Grenier, CEO of Cdiscount.

The SIM card costs 5€, but for the launch of the offer, the price is lowered to 1€ until 31 December 2016.

A package deal with options

Originality of the offer Cdiscount Mobile, it is possible to modulate its package from one month to another for the exercise : 7 € more per month for calls, SMS and MMS become unlimited and/or 7 € extra for that envelope Internet passes to 5 Gb per month.

Cdiscount launches the mobile plan that was lacking in Free


options for international calls are also provided in the brochure tariff : 4€ per month to call landlines to 85 destinations ;€5/month for 1 hour of calling to landlines and mobile phones to the european Union and Switzerland ; 7€/month for 30 minutes of calls to the Maghreb and Turkey (12€/month for 1 hour).

For 9€/month, package – almost – perfect for a great number

of Course, if one takes all the main options (or 16 € in total), the package Cdiscount does not compete with the any unlimited of Free (15,99 €/month for Freebox subscribers, otherwise 19,99€), notably because the latter has significant advantages for very large consumers : 50 Gb of Internet in 4G (3 Gb in 3G) or calls and SMS including to and from Europe and internationally.

On the other hand, many are those who do not need unlimited. Both on the calls that on the envelope Internet. Evidenced by the figures supplied recently by the operators. At Bouygues Telecom, for example, the average consumption of data of customers 4G is 3.7 Gb on average in 2016 (2.3 Gb 2G/3G). At Free, it’s 4,4 Gb/month.

Here, the flexible plan Cdiscount takes all its sense, since it makes it possible for, for 9 € per month, get an envelope Internet when even large (5 Gb) at a low price, while benefiting from a wide time of call (3h 20min). The limits on SMS/MMS that can be addressed by the use of a mail-Messenger of Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype. In sum, this is the package that one would have dreamed that Free we concoct.

note : coincidence (or not), on the same day, the operator of low-cost SFR, Red, has launched a promotion with a price that is valid “for life” that competes with the basic package + option Cdiscount Mobile : 10€/month with calls/SMS/MMS unlimited and 5 Gb of data.

And on the network side ?

Cdiscount Mobile is an operator is said to be virtual (MVNO), that is to say which does not have its own network. On the site of the platform, it is NRJ Mobile – also an MVNO – which is put forward. In reality, Cdiscount has contracted with the company Euro-Information Telecom (the owner of NRJ Mobile and in charge of the mobile offerings of the Crédit Mutuel Group CIC or Auchan telecom) which is one of the only MVNO to be able to use three networks : Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. A priori, the new customers Cdiscount Mobile, by default, use the network of SFR, but could also be mounted on other networks in case of interruptions in their reception area.


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