Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A police officer sentenced to eight months suspended prison sentence for beating a high school student, Le Figaro

VIDEO – The police 26-year-old had taken a violent blow of fist to be a pupil of the lycée Bergson in Paris on the 24th of march, in full mobilization against the Law to work.

In the midst of protests against the Law working, the video of the scene was shocked up to the minister of the Interior. The police officer 26-year-old prosecuted for having struck, on march 24 last, a student at the lycée Bergson in Paris, was sentenced on Wednesday to eight months in prison with reprieve. The judges went beyond the requisitions of the public prosecutor, who had requested a six-month suspended prison sentence for voluntary violence by a person agent of the public authority. The correctional court of Paris has not, however, recorded the conviction in his criminal record.

A video of the scene, widely broadcast on social networks and in the media, shows the high school student to the ground, surrounded by several police officers. “Get up! Lève-toi!!!”, he launches one of them, before him land a violent punch to the face, which fact switch and drop the high school student, that maintains another police officer. The victim had a broken nose, and was prescribed a total incapacity to work (ITT) of six days.

Neither the police nor his lawyer were present for the deliberation on Wednesday. At the hearing on 10 November, the guardian of the peace had relied on an “unfortunate combination of circumstances”. According to his story, the police officer has not referred the teenager’s face, but he would have reached for, held at the neck by one of his colleagues, the young man has fallen at the time the gun went off. Feeling “like fingers at the level of the jugular” of his helmet, he explained, will be felt “in danger”, all in a context of maintaining the order in which it was barely formed.

the police officer has referred to the plexus, as he says, or face, is either a gesture of “illegitimacy absolute”, said the prosecutor during the hearing. For the lawyer of the young man, Me Arié Alimi, “it is the face” which was referred to, mentioning also the “fear” experienced by now his client “when he sees police in the street”. A second police officer must appear in court on June 16 for violence on another student at the lycée Bergson on the same day.


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