Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Continuation of the strike of drivers : Lufthansa cancels 912 flights Thursday – The World

The strike began on Wednesday. The pilots union denounces the lack of wage increase for over five years and calls for a revaluation.

This is the fourteenth strike at Lufthansa by the pilots union since 2014.

It is the fourteenth strike at Lufthansa by the pilots union since 2014.

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on Wednesday, about 100 000 passengers of the company are affected by the cancellations. However, 2 124 connections are provided, of about 3 000 usually. The group oversees the airlines, Eurowings, Swiss, Austrian Airlines or Brussels Airlines.

” because of the prolongation of the strike, approximately 115 000 passengers will be affected tomorrow [Thursday] by the cancellation of 912 flights, including 82 long-haul flights “, has announced the German company in a press release, in which it again called for VC to accept an arbitration procedure to end a pay dispute which began in 2014.

  • The measures taken by the company

Lufthansa has tried in vain Tuesday to prevent the strike call of the VC, but the justice rejected his arguments.

As usual, the company is therefore organized to limit the impact of the social movement on its customers. For example, it booked thousands of hotel rooms nearby airports of Frankfurt (West) and Munich (South), its main platforms, and offers to the passengers who were required to take a national flight to exchange their tickets for tickets of train.

” The demand for Vereinigung Cockpit of an increase in compensation of more than 20 % go well beyond what other categories of staff have achieved “, regret in the press release Bettina Volkens, director of the staff of the Lufthansa group.

the VC, which highlights the lack of a wage increase for more than five years and a significant loss of purchasing power due to inflation, demand a revaluation of 22 % for this period. The management of Lufthansa has made a proposal very distant, 2.5 % for a period of more than six years.

  • other companies are on strike

The other group companies of Lufthansa – Eurowings, Germanwings, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomiti and Brussels Airlines, the cargo service of Lufthansa, are not affected by this social movement. Eurowings has had to cancel sixty flights on Tuesday because of a strike movement is separate from his cabin to the call of the trade union Verdi.

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