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Gauloises, News, Royal… The last cigarette factory in France will close in the second half of 2017 –

The abbreviation of the company “Seita-Imperial tobacco’ to Carquefou in France, April 15, 2014 – Jean-Sebastien Evrard AFP

SOCIAL The factory Seita of Riom, a French subsidiary of the giant british, employs more than 200 employees, and the research centre located in the Loiret, nearly 90 people…

The 239 employees of the factory Seita of Riom (Puy-de-Dome), which produce packets of cigarettes brands Gauloises, News, JPS and Royal and the 87 people who work at the research center, Fleury-les-Aubrais in the Loiret, are worried.

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The last cigarette factory in mainland France, the French subsidiary of british Imperial Tobacco, will close next year, as the centre of Loiret. Seita, number two in the tobacco market in France, “announced to its central works council (CEC) meeting on Tuesday that it was considering the divestment of the sites of Riom and of Fleury-les-Aubrais” and this from the “second half of 2017,” according to a press release sent to AFP.

” We expected it but not in such a savage way “

” It’s been two days that we suspected as much, but they come to tell us. The people are a little shell-shocked, ” testified Ludovic Gotiaux, union representative and staff representative CGT in the site of Riom.

” We expected it but not as brutal. I worked in Riom for the month of July after having experienced a mutation brutal after the closure of Nantes. 50 years ago I had no choice. There, it is a new blow. My family is in shock, my children are very worried, ” responded Michel Nicole, an employee of the site Riom.

Seita retains its small cigarette factory in Corsica

After the closure of the factory of Carquefou (Loire-Atlantique) in 2014, Riom was the last cigarette factory in operation in mainland France. Seita, however, retains a small cigarette factory in Corsica, the Macotab (Manufacture corse de tabacs) located in Furiani (Corsica), which produces only for the local market.

While the tobacco industry has been hit hard ” european legislation, anti-tobacco, which continue to harden “, Seita has highlighted in a press release “the continued fall in sales in its major markets “and a” lack of competitiveness vis-à-vis its competitors, mainly located in the countries of the East where production costs are much lower than ” to explain these closures.

The number of smokers has decreased from 37% in Europe

The subsidiary has announced that it undertook ” in a phase of intensive search of buyers for these sites in advancing solutions to the retraining that would ensure the viability of the sites and to provide employment opportunities “.

According to Seita, between 2002 and 2015, the number of smokers has decreased from 37% in Europe. In France, during the same period, the purchases of tobacco fell by 44 %. For its part, Imperial Tobacco, historically based in Europe, has product in 2016 from 64 billion, the equivalent of cigarettes in less than in 2012, a decrease of 19 % from its production.

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