Tuesday, November 29, 2016

THE REPUBLICANS François Fillon adoube Wauquiez, Accoyer and The Callennec – The Dauphiné Libéré

Laurent Wauquiez, first vice-president; the member of parliament for Ille-et-Vilaine Isabelle Le Callennec, second vice-president; and Bernard Accoyer, secretary-general, this is the trio that François Fillon was finally assigned to lead the Republicans.

In the absence of the president, the party will be led by the team behind a collective leadership in the colors of the gathering. The announcement, made a few minutes ago in political office, closes 24 hours of speculation on the future of Laurent Wauquiez who was until today the interim chairmanship of the party at the request of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The phone does not stop ringing

Started Monday morning, the series of consultations of François Fillon had resulted in the yesterday afternoon by the announcement of the appointment of the member of parliament for Haute-Savoie, Bernard Accoyer, support for the first time, to the post of secretary-general of the Republicans to take over the reins of the movement.

and Then, surprise, the 20 hours of France 2 last night, the winner of the primary of the right and of the centre, has hinted at an organization with many heads, more complex and probably less fillonniste. Because, between 17 and 19: 50, since the end of his meeting with Laurent Wauquiez and the AFP fell in all the essays, the smartphone of the new leader of the right never ceases to ring.

“The signal is wrong”

relatives and less similar to the warn: “the signal is bad, it is a declaration of war on sarkozysme” whose Wauquiez claims to be the full heir. Since the results of the first round, the deputy of the Haute-Loire department boasts of its support for Fillon, but most of all, his fidelity to the era Sarkozy. A legacy that weighs heavy in the party-where the former president of the Republic has remained highly popular – and a little more than 20% of the votes in the primary, which are deferred without any lack on Fillon between the first and second round.

Fillon had proposed to Wauquiez of integrating the collective leadership of the movement, alongside Gérard Larcher, Bruno Retailleau, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, François Baroin,Thierry Solère, and Christian Jacob under the authority of the secretary-general, Bernard Accoyer. A kind of government of action in the perspective of the presidential election.

“Not interested in just to be on the picture”

Deploring an “inefficient solution” that the UMP had already pâtie in 2012 at the end of the battle Copé-Fillon, Wauquiez would have declined the offer and promised to follow its own path. “Not interested to just appear on the photo,” said an elected official who predicted on Sunday that the negotiation would be tough with Wauquiez: “leave it outside, with all freedom of speech, was too risky.

Fillon know them well and measure its persistence. He had made his chief lieutenant in 2012 with the idea of hurting Jean-François Copé”. This time, he made the choice to use it to confront the national Front.


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