Thursday, November 24, 2016

Unemployment falling in October – The Point

This is the good news that François Hollande was waiting. The last unemployment figure before the announcement about his possible candidacy for a second term is good. The number of job seekers without activity (category A) fell by 0.3 % in October in France. Which is 11 700 unemployed less. Over three months, the decline amounted to 0.8 % (28 000 people). On a year, that is to say, compared to October 2015, the decrease even reached 2.8 per cent.

In total, the number of job seekers in categories A, B, C (counting those who exercised reduced activity) decreased by 0.4 % (19 of 400). However, the trend is still rising over three months (+ 0.3 %) and year on year.

“The battle is long” but “it bears fruit”, while “since the beginning of the year, unemployment is falling, even if it remains too high”, declared François Hollande during the visit to Paris of a a start-up offering online training. The minister of labour, Myriam El Khomri, has praised “without the slightest triumphalism,” a “significant decrease” in the number of unemployed decreased of 11,700 in October. “Without the slightest triumphalism, I say to you, today significantly: the decrease in the month of October confirms the positive evolution observed in recent months”, she said, stressing that “this significant decline was” the largest decline for more than eight years”.

at the End of October, the number of job seekers without any activity amounted to 3 478 800 people (5 460 800 in cash those in reduced activity). In may 2012, it was only 2 922 800. In other words, the number of unemployed without activity has exploded 556 000 since the election of François Hollande.

The number of people registered without any activity with the employment agency (category A) amounted in October to 3.48 million, a decrease of 11,700 on a months (-0,3)%. Including overseas, their number amounted to 3,73 million (-0,3%), with a decrease over the last twelve months is similar to the metropolis. Reflux mainly affects young people, with a decrease by 7,400 in the number of under 25 years in class A, which brings the yearly decline to 8.2% (-43.200).

The number of long-term unemployed fell 22.300 in a year (-0,9%, to 2.4 million). Counting the job seekers engaged in a little activity (categories B and C), the number of job seekers amounted to 5.46 million. Category B (reduced activity, short) fell 1.3% on month, but increased year on year (+2.5 per cent). The category C (reduced activity long, +78 hours in the month) has been stable, but over a year it has climbed more than 9%.


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