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Airbus will announce on Tuesday of the job cuts –

european aircraft manufacturer Airbus announced on Tuesday 29th November the number of job losses that will result next year in its restructuring, while first assessments union are state of more than 1,300 jobs, sparking fears of compulsory redundancies. The european Committee of Airbus shall meet from 10: 00 to 12: 30 pm Tuesday at the headquarters of Blagnac, near Toulouse, in order to detail the job cuts, which would mainly France and Germany.

Four councils have already been held since October, in the various branches concerned. According to the CFE-CGC, the second union of the group, “1.357 posts will be either deleted or transferred, out of a total of 10,000 jobs”. “We think that most of these 1.357 posts will be deleted”, had indicated to the AFP Thierry Préfol, deputy coordinator of the CFE-CGC Airbus Group on Thursday evening, at the end of the last branch committee.

This figure does the risk of compulsory redundancies, which would be a first in the history of the european group.Airbus employs close to 140,000 people in the world, and 54,000 in France. The layoffs “are not in the culture of the group, but it is worried, in particular in relation to the site of Suresnes who needs to close”, according to Mr. Préfol.

A Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine), which employs 650 people, “this is desolation”, described to AFP as a union representative of the site inhabitant, who wished to remain anonymous. “The biggest fear is the closure pure and simple of the site.” “For people here, this is a disaster”. Even if mutations geographic were proposed, “we need to be able to move to Toulouse” with his family, he continues. “The employees are dismayed that while,” he says, “because we can not say that the group has problems, it is rather in good financial health”.

“Tradition of social dialogue”

“That a group like Airbus is leaving the parisian region seems to me not healthy,” says a delegate CFE-CGC Airbus Group. For him, it is “absolutely clear that no one has officially announced the closure of the site of Suresnes” but “it looks a lot like a sword of Damocles.”

The German site in Ottobrunn, near Munich, is also expected to be impacted, according to the unions, and to a lesser extent the site of Marignane near Marseille. Airbus Helicopters is also located in Marignane and launched in a separate plan of deletions of 582 posts, is not, however, concerned.

Asked about the possibility of compulsory redundancies, the CEO of Airbus, Fabrice Brégier, has assured Thursday that Airbus had “a tradition of social dialogue that has always allowed, normally, to find solutions, such as with “Power 8″, a plan of deletions 7,900 positions, launched in 2007 and which was done without any termination.

FO majority union at Airbus, however, expects a PSE (Plan de sauvegarde de l’emploi), new name given to the “social plan”. The possible compulsory redundancies are not expected to be announced as early as Tuesday, the committee to simply encrypt the deletions of posts. The negotiations on their social treatment, therefore, of potential layoffs, opened in January 2017, and until July 1, the date of the implementation of the restructuring.

Merger integration

the reorganization of The group, called Gemini, is to merge at Toulouse, the seat of the branch of commercial aviation (Airbus SAS, 70% of the activity) with the group (Airbus Group SAS).

This merger-integration, affecting almost exclusively the administrative functions and non-operational, should create a new entity called simply “Airbus”. It is intended to avoid “duplications” and to gain “agility”, according to the company.

But, already, the trade unions doubt the merits of the plan. “It was a little difficult to see the strategic logic. We see above all the financial logic,” says Jean-Marc Escourrou, secretary FO. These savings come in handy for the aircraft manufacturer who, despite a record backlog of almost 1,000 billion euros, which is 8 to 10 years of production, must reduce its costs.

The group, whose branch helicopter suffers from the weakness of the market, is affected by two flagship programmes : its military aircraft, the A400M, has earned nearly two billion euros of provisions in the last two years and his flagship, the A380, is struggling to transform itself into a commercial success.

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