Tuesday, November 22, 2016

EXCLUSIVE – The nuclear situation is very worrying , according to the president of l¤8217;safety Authority – The Figaro

We are afraid of radioactivity ? Ok, let’s get out of nuclear.
Then proceed to :
-the shutdown of civil aviation
-the stopping of chemotherapy, ct scanners, MRI’s, x-rays…
-the closure of all thermal power plants that cause (much, much) more cancers than all the nuclear (industrial, medical and natural) together, and that produce enough GHG to that we would no longer have to worry about radioactive waste as criticism, given that it will almost kill everything on earth and that nobody can worry about it
- the abandonment of all the houses in granite
- to the desertion of Britain and other regions
The waste ? Who can tell me what is th e share of waste high-activity long-life ? And what it intends to do ? The nuc is the only industry to have real projects to long-term storage.
So, ladies, gentlemen, let the ASN and the industrialists do their job and find solutions : yes, it was a concern, and it is better to leave the old blankets this winter and pay a bit more for the KWh rather than run the slightest risk ; but to stop believing all those who cry wolf constantly without having the slightest notion of what they are talking about. Nuclear is the only industry that plays the full transparency. I’m not sure you can say the same elsewhere… Then, necessarily, one knows all this is wrong : but I see it as a guarantee of seriousness and quality, rather than a threat.


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