Friday, November 25, 2016

France-The consumer confidence stagnates in November – Boursorama


 PARIS, November 25 (Reuters) - The confidence of households remained unchanged in France in November and this in spite of a net decline of their fears concerning unemployment, according to data published Friday by Insee. The indicator summarizing the confidence remained steady at 98, in accordance with the expectations of economists polled by Reuters. Has one or two close points, it has been evolving since the month of may around the threshold of 98, which is its highest level since October 2007. But the indicator, however, remains slightly below its long-term average, which is $    100. The November survey shows a slight erosion of the opinions of households on their financial situation, past and future, as well as a stability of the one about their savings capacity. The proportion of households considering that it is advisable to save is stable, as households felt that the period is conducive to large purchases. Their optimism continues, however, to expand on the prospects fo   r the development of their standard of living. To the highest since January, the corresponding balance has chained a fifth monthly increase, and increased by four points to regain its long-term average. Their fears concerning the evolution of unemployment fly also significantly, going under their average level through a decline of 11 points compared to the month of October. The proportion of French households considering that the prices have increased over the last twelve months has remained relatively stable, while they are a little more numerous than in October expect prices to increase over the next twelve. The balance, corresponding, down two points, continues to move away from its long-term average, Insee belongs. Detailed statistics on the Insee website : indicators French real-time ECONFR indicators of the euro area in real-time ECONEZ The point on the French economy ECO/EN (Myriam Rivet, edited by Benoit van Overstraeten) 

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