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Trump is going to be in withdrawal of its companies – to The Point

The president-elect, american Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he is going to be in withdrawal from her real estate empire before taking up his duties and has chosen a new Treasury secretary and a Wall Street banker, Steve Mnuchin.

In a series of tweets, Donald Trump has stated that he will speak in New York on 15 December at a “major press conference” in the presence of his children. It will focus “on the fact that I leave my great company in order to concentrate fully and totally to the direction of the country and restore AMERICA to ITS GREATNESS!”, specifies the president-elect on Twitter.

Steve Mnuchin has announced his appointment to the Treasury in a speech live on the television channel financial CNBC. He was in the company of Wilbur Ross, another Wall Street investor, who has been appointed to the ministry of Commerce. Their two nominations were then officially confirmed by the team of the elected president.

many issues of conflict of interest are raised by the arrival time in the White House a billionaire at the head of an economic empire with international ramifications.

Mr. Trump has reiterated that, legally, he has no obligation to surrender the management of his company. “I feel that it is important (…) not have any conflict of interest with my various affairs, as president,” he however stated.

“therefore, legal documents are being drafted that make me withdraw fully from the operations management of the business. The presidency is a task much more important!”, said he.

Mr. Trump would consider to entrust the management of his business to three of his children, according to the meager details that he has given since he entered the race for the White House in July 2015.

many experts have pointed out that this would not address any of the issues of conflicts of interest, these three children are very close counsel of their father and playing an active role in the appointment of the future directors Trump.

- No political experience -

Neither Steve Mnuchin, 53 years of age, or Wilbur Ross, 79 years of age, have no experience in politics but brought early in the campaign their support to Donald Trump. Wilbur Ross, 79 years, had worked with the real estate tycoon when some of his casinos crossed in difficulties at the end of the 1980s.

The two men will be responsible, in particular, to implement the economic policy of president-elect, who promised during the campaign to revisit the trade agreements, free trade, and keep industrial jobs in the United States.

Wilbur Ross, interviewed Wednesday on the measures that intends to take Mr. Trump in the area of trade policy, rejected accusations of protectionism. “Protectionism is not a term significant, it is pejorative,”-he said on CNBC, adding that there was “trade, good trade and commerce, stupid”.

“We’ve done a lot of trade stupid and that is what we are going to correct,” he added, noting that “the last thing we will do is to impose duties of customs”.

“What is important is to increase u.s. exports and getting rid of barriers, tariff and non-u.s. exports,” said the future minister of Trade.

The implementation of the us policy in terms of international trade does not, however, directly to the minister of commerce but of the special representative for trade (USTR), which has not yet been appointed.

For his part, Mr. Mnuchin said that his goal would be to reduce the tax burden on households and businesses.

“I understand what he must do to straighten out the economy and I am pleased to be able to help the president-elect Trump to implement his economic agenda innovative to create well-paying jobs and defend the american worker,” said Mr. Mnuchin Wednesday.

The u.s. economy is already, however, with a growth rate rather high (3.2% in an annualized basis in the 3rd quarter) and low unemployment (4.9 per cent).

Among the important positions of his government, Donald Trump has not yet named his secretary of State (foreign affairs) and the Defence.

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