Sunday, November 27, 2016

Electrical : Porsche arouses the attention –

This is an ambition high voltage, that regularly reveal the car manufacturers these days about the electric car. Volkswagen hopes to restore the power of the conquest, Daimler, with Mercedes, will want to have taken over this market, and now it is a Porsche that sounds the charge. The chairman of the management board of the constructor has so informed on a Mission E of the first order.

Soon, Tesla will not be alone any more, as a mark car to offer electric cars-high volume And given the competition that point, the american brand could well trip. This time, it is downright Porsche, who sends him a release announcing the ambitions for its first electric car, the Mission E.

Porsche anticipates as well for this model of the annual sales of the order of 20 000 copies. A written estimate in the weekly Automobilwoche. The second largest contributor to the profits of the Volkswagen group, creating at least 1,400 jobs to develop, build and sell this competitor to the Model S of Tesla, which should be launched in 2019.

Uwe Hück, deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Porsche, had said in July that Porsche had to sell at least 10 000 E per year to make a profit. Oliver Blume, president and ceo of Porsche said of his side : “we have calculated a quantity of the order of 20,000 for the Mission E“. Tesla, the specialist american electric car, has sold 50 580 vehicles in 2015.


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