Friday, November 25, 2016

16 million : the astronomical sum won in a Lottery by a couple of the Vienna – Franceinfo

Our colleagues from France Bleu Poitou announce on their website the gain fabulous won the Lottery by a couple of Viennese who has played on the internet. A big batch of 16.000.007,40 euros. This is the biggest win ever distributed to players in this department.

  • By Bernard Dussol
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16 millions d'euros, the largest gain ever made in the department of the Vienne since the inception of the Lottery in 1976. © Maxppp

© Maxppp 16 million euros, the largest gain ever made in the department of the Vienne since the inception of the Lottery in 1976.

The man of this young retired couple did not believe his eyes when he checked, like every week for the past 10 years, the combination of numbers that he had played the Lottery. He rereads it several times in the list of six numbers that will change his life : 1 -7 – 14 – 26 – 49 / 10. Then everything shakes.

This is the procedure implemented by the French games : all the winners of more than one million euros, are invited to Paris for a personalised support. If it is a sofa in which all the world wishes to sit for a day, it is the one of the VIP room Service “Big Winners” of the Française des Jeux.

Our couple of Viennese will enjoy this home Premium at the headquarters of the FDJ in Boulogne-Billancourt. home “Premium” for the winners of more than ten million euros and it is accompanied by a housing in a parisian palace, to travel in the limousine and a cheque was given by a member of the executive committee of the FDJ.

As all the big winners, the young retired couple had the right to a teaching workshop to become familiar with the first notions of the management of heritage. Training express also around the vocabulary of finance, real estate, family law, or taxation. Beyond this practical advice, this service also proposes to spend moments of conviviality with other winners, to share the same experience.

winners are back in Vienna with stars full eyes. They entrust to our colleagues at France Bleu Poitou “want to give to the emotion around them“. They think of course to their families and loved ones by wishing in a first time to buy a nice car and a villa by the sea in the South-West. We wish them all the happiness possible.


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