Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The deputies to adopt the budget by 2017 – Franceinfo

The national Assembly approved at first reading, Tuesday, November 22, the whole of the latest draft of the budget of the quinquennium. The text was voted with a large majority (287 votes against 243) despite some arm-wrestling between the government and the majority.

The text provides for tax cuts for households and businesses, the levy of withholding tax in 2018, and an increase in appropriations for the employment, security, defence, education and culture. It must now be voted on by the Senate, where the majority of the right will reject it without discussing it in detail.

The members of the opposition, challenging the “sincerity” of the goal of a return of the deficit in the nails, europeans have voted against just like the the left Front, which has blasted “a doxa liberal”.

left, this budget has been one of the most easily voted since 2014 and the turning of the tax policy pro-business, at the origin of the birth of the “slingers”. This has not prevented the government to undergo the long discussions several disappointments in the face of the elect, PS. the “It is too late,” and “what we are proposing, the penalty will be there,” in 2017, saw a socialist deputy.

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