Thursday, November 10, 2016

Juppé and Fillon denounced the recovery sarkozyste the election of Trump – Le Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – The two candidates in the primary have denounced the double game of ex-president, who belongs to the”establishement”, supported Hillary Clinton, but valid today the populist strategy of the elected candidate.

10 days of the primary from the right, the election of Donald Trump, can it change the game? Nicolas Sarkozy sees in the victory of the republican candidate to the validation of his strategy, which is to embody the “the people’s candidate” against the representatives of the “elites” and the media. “There is a popular rage, a reality lived by people, who no longer recognise themselves in the media and a large part of the policies”, he further assured this Thursday morning on France 2, inviting the latter to stop “is to block the nose and give moral lessons”.

Juppé: “We need the elites,”

Directly referred to Alain Juppé sees it as a crude attempt recovery of the american election. “The way some are trying to recover what happened in the United States is ridiculous,” was held by the mayor of Bordeaux this Thursday on Southern Radio and Public Senate. “I’m not Hillary Clinton. And that is the Trump among us?” On the merits, the former prime minister does not validate the diagnosis of his opponent: “I want to stop this idiocy of the elite against the people. We need elites, it is they who pull us to the top. The elites must also listen to the people, but I want to get out of this presentation to be a caricature, and that leads to nothing”, he denounced. Before note: “Theestablishment has been put in question. But around me, when I’m on stage with my six competitors in the primary there was a lot of’establishment. Many have been ministers and sometimes even the president of the Republic”. Direct Allusion to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Fillon: “Some supported Clinton and are taken to Trump”

A double-game, also denounced by François Fillon. “There are candidates who supported mrs. Clinton and who today will take for Donald Trump”, has criticised former prime minister Thursday morning on Europe 1. “(I request) that it does not draw the consequences, as do all the French politicians. It is absolutely stupid. (…) You haven’t seen François Fillon try to recover the election of Mr. Trump”, he vowed. In the same interview, however, the 3rd man for the primary could not help but draw a parallel between the victory of the republican candidate and his own situation: “there are only the media which continue to evoke tirelessly Mr Juppé and Mr Sarkozy. After being cheated on Trump, they will plant a new time on the primary of the right and centre. But in this area, we never learn”.


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