Wednesday, November 2, 2016

US president Obama denounces: “Clinton is treated differently because she is a woman,” – l’

The small gap between the two candidates for the american presidency in the polls is due to sexism, said the current president, Barack Obama, at a rally to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, writes NBC News.

“there’s a reason why we do not have a president female,” said Barack Obama. “When a man is ambitious, is active in the society, everything is going well. When a woman does the same thing, all the world wondering ‘why is it doing this’?”, the president said, noting that he was “just honest”.

The president is Hillary Clinton “much better qualified” than his opponent, republican Donald Trump. “This should not be so complicated to make a decision”.

The Barack Obama speech comes just a few days after the revelation by the boss of the FBI James Comey of the opening of a new investigation on the e-mails from Hillary Clinton. His opponents republicans are using this announcement to drag the candidate of democratic party in the mud and Donald Trump is, for the first time since may, leading in new polls from ABC and the Washington Post.

According to political observers, Donald Trump would have made a small leap in the state’s decisive swing state of Ohio. Without it, the republican would hardly be the presidency, that is why the democrats are focusing all of their actions in this state.

Barack Obama has also addressed in his speech to the great working class of the Ohio, which, according to the experts, vote traditionally democrat but is attracted by the ideology of populist Trump. “Donald Trump does would let you enter in one of his hotels that if you load in the household or on its golf courses that if you need to mow the lawn”, he started.


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