Wednesday, November 2, 2016

That night in Asia : in China, the aviation does not know the crisis – The Echoes

If the rate of growth of the chinese economy is slowing down, undeniably, the aerospace sector is, for him, a promise of a bright future. A corollary of the emergence of a middle class eager to travel, the air traffic has increased 500% in the country between 2000 and 2014, and China ” should become the market leader in air transport “, ahead of the United States, said John Leahy, the commercial director of Airbus at the Airshow China, which is held every two years in Zhuhai (south of China).

european aircraft manufacturer took the opportunity to announce that he had raised about 500 aircraft to its forecast for the chinese market of civil aircraft over the next 20 years. A market that it now evaluates to 5.970 aircraft, for a total value of 945 billion ($ 861 billion) over this period. China represents nearly a quarter of the deliveries of european aircraft manufacturer, with 158 units in 2015.

If the prospects seem juicy for Airbus and Boeing, Beijing intends to grant a part of the cake. The chinese manufacturer Comac (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) is working on its own airliner, the C919, to challenge the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing in the ” single aisle “. In spite of the many delays the program for the past four years, Comac hopes to deliver a first test flight by year-end or early 2017, before an actual launch in 2018. The manufacturer has stated on Tuesday that the first customer for this device would be the company China Eastern Airlines. Comac estimates the growth of the chinese market for civil aviation at 6.1% per year over the next twenty years and figure the needs to 6.865 new devices.

Takeda does not confirm yet the redemption of a division of Valeant

The japanese group Takeda Pharmaceutical has had to react in haste, this Wednesday noon after the publication of news articles claiming that he was on the point of buy, for nearly $ 10 billion, one of the divisions of the canadian Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. The evocation of negotiations between the two groups on a disposal of the entity Salix, which specializes in medicines for gastric diseases, had forced the Tokyo stock Exchange to suspend, in the morning, the transactions in the share of the japanese laboratory, pending a formal clarifications.

If Takeda has indicated that it was still in discussions with “several parties” to extend its portfolio of drugs and accelerate its growth, the group, led by the French Christophe Weber, declined to comment specifically on the rumors regarding a takeover of Salix.

a Few hours earlier, Valeant had been equally vague on the state of progress of his talks. The canadian lab has acknowledged it was negotiating the sale of certain of its assets, such as Salix, but has not revealed the identity of the racheteurs potential.

The prospect of a restructuring of the company had treated the investor in the day Tuesday on Wall Street. They had pushed the action of Valeant of approximately 34%, believe that the new initiatives of the directorate of the laboratory would allow a deleveraging accelerated in the group, who through a sequence of complicated since the discovery last year of wrongdoing in its accounting.

analysts recall that Takeda had already tried to redeem Salix, by the end of 2014, when the group was still independent and was looking to sell. At the time, Valeant had paid $ 11.1 billion to provide the laboratory which has developed Xifaxan.


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