Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Primary right : Alain Juppe, on a visit to Argenteuil for “listen” – The Point

Alain Juppe, the favorite of the polls for the primary from the right, came Wednesday to “listen” and “respond to issues” of the inhabitants of Argenteuil (Val-d’oise), where his rival Nicolas Sarkozy had promised in 2005 to a resident of the “get rid” of the ” riffraff “. Alain Juppé has been particularly welcomed on the spot by the mayor (The Republicans) Georges Mothron, and by the member of parliament (LR) Axel Poniatowski who support him in this primary. “I’m here to listen and answer the questions,” soberly explained Alain Juppé to the many journalists who accompanied him, refusing to answer questions about Nicolas Sarkozy and his expression employed i n 2005. The only allusion to the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2005, Kalem Hamza, elected LR of La Courneuve and support to Alain Juppé, spoke of ” words that have hurt, that have shocked, and continue to do harm “, in the introduction to the presentation of the project ” the ballot box districts “, initiated by Alain Juppé, to gather proposals from the districts, in a tea room on the edge of the slab of Argenteuil.

” get the voice one at a time, including here “, has, for its part, explained the entourage of the mayor of Bordeaux. In a presentation to a small twenty minutes, Alain Juppe has said his respect for the ” diversity “. It was judged to be “not bearable” the high rate of unemployment in the districts, referring to the proposals contained in one of his books. It was also suggested to encourage those who want to create businesses “with an” true funds to encourage the creation of companies “or even to” reinvigorate the urban enterprise zones ” that he had launched in 1996 when he was at Matignon.

10 000 additional police officers

On the ground safe, he said : “It is finished, I do want more of a zone of non-law. “As in the northern districts of Marseille last week, he made a quick detour to the station, which was not specified in the program. Asked by a resident to know if him president, there would be ” more police officers and teachers “, he replied that he was going to create 10 000 additional jobs in the security forces. Alain Juppé, who had surveyed the northern districts of Marseille last week, has visited several shops and a library. A few locals watched the scene from their balconies.

At the political level, “kind of stigmatizing this or that by the spirit of revenge, try to bring together widely,” he said about François Bayrou, the target of continuous attacks of Nicolas Sarkozy and his supporters. A second televised debate between the seven candidates in the primary (20-27 November) is scheduled for Thursday night.


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