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The mps voted the draft budget of the “Safely” 2017 – The World

This last budget of the “Safely” of the quinquennium, which promises the end of the famous ” hole “, has been adopted quite widely.

Reducing the deficit

The latest bill funding the social Security of the quinquennium of Francois Hollande has been voted on, Wednesday 2 November, the national Assembly, by 272 votes to 240. A few months of the presidential election, the minister of health and social affairs, Marisol Touraine, argues one of the most positive in terms of health and social protection. the ” We will have saved the “Safely” “, was launched at the end of September, stating that ” the history of this quinquennium, it is the end of social deficits “.

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This last budget of the “Safely” of the quinquennium, which promises the end of the famous ” hole “, has been adopted widely enough, despite the opposition of deputies The Republicans, the Union of democrats and independents and the left Front. The point on the principal measures it contains.

Health :

  • Continuation of the major axes of savings secured in previous budgets, such as the development of ambulatory care, which aims to shorten the duration of hospitalization or generic medicines. The hospital will need to make 1.5 billion euros of savings, in particular by optimizing its operating expenses (845 million) and through to the ambulatory (640 million).
  • Revision, in connection with the pharmaceutical industry, the mechanism of fixing the prices of innovative medicines with a temporary authorization of use (ATU), which allows to deliver the products quickly before they are put on the market. In addition, the creation of a fund for the financing of pharmaceutical innovation.
  • Best refunds for dental care, of which 200 million euros will be spent, with a cap on the price of dentures in exchange for a revaluation conservative care (cavities, scaling, etc).

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  • Possibility to conduct experiments to improve the support and monitoring of young people 6 to 21 years of age, in whom a physician has evaluated a psychic suffering.
  • Improved support for victims of acts of terrorism.

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  • additional Compensation during the maternity leave of women doctors liberal moderate their rates.
  • Possible to work part-time beyond age 72 years for some hospital-based physicians.
  • Permission on an experimental basis for the pharmacists to conduct vaccinations against influenza, and also for the general practitioners store vaccines in view of their directors.

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the elderly, the pension system :

  • Reduction of the generalized social contribution (CSG) for retirees of modest, which should allow for 550 000 households pensioners benefit from the reduced rate or be exempt. Cost estimated at € 280 million.

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  • 21.5 billion euros dedicated to the establishments and services that welcome seniors with loss of autonomy or with disabilities, or further € 590 million. About 300 million will be used for the creation of places in institutions for persons with disabilities and for the elderly.
  • Creation of a fund to support the ” good practices “ in the area of home help, with 50 million euros.
  • Award of 20 million additional euros for the adaptation of dwellings for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

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self-employed :

  • sliding-scale Reduction in the contribution rates to sickness and maternity insurance for self-employed workers with an income of less than 27 000 euros a year – from 6.5% to 3 % at maximum. Cost : 150 million euros.
  • one-year Deferral, to the 1st January 2018, measures modifying the collection of social security contributions of the professions.

Fight against the tagabisme :

an example of A neutral package.
  • Higher taxes on rolling tobacco with a higher anticipated price of 15 %.
  • Creation of a tax on the turnover of suppliers. Expected return : 130 million.

Rental between individuals :

  • rent regular apartments or property (cars, in particular) between individuals, beyond a threshold of income (€23 000 annually for housing), becomes assimilated to income from activity subject to social security contributions.

In 2017, the deficit of the general scheme (sickness, old age, family, work accident) and the old age solidarity Fund (FSV, which pay contributions to pensions of the unemployed and the minimum old-age pension) must be established at – € 4.2 billion (against $ 7.1 billion in 2016), its lowest level since 2001. The general plan must be closer to balanced, at – € 400 million (– us $ 3.4 billion in 2016)

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the different branches of the Secu

The social Security is divided in four “branches” leading self, which constitute the general system :

these four branches, together with the fund old age solidarity (FSV), who handles everything that is not in the “insurance” pension : the minimum old-age pension, the contributions of the unemployed, increases in pension for spouse and dependent children.


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